Trek through the Tek

May 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

As Seattle warms up, check out these awesome parks to enjoy the sunshine (or overcast) while taking a break from studying:

Rickey's Eats Vol. 4

Summer Swings- Music for the Warm Weather

By Mike Tommins

As the clouds become less frequent and the mercury rises, it’s time to switch up your playlists to some great summer-time music. Here are some of my favorite albums for my inner beach-bum.

Tek Member Spotlight

    • Name: Megan Rahrig
    • Year: Junior
    • Major: Political Science
    • Have you always lived in Seattle: Yes, except for that one time…
    • Favorite hobbies? Boxing, karate
    • If you could change anything about yourself, what would that be? I wish I could be 2 inches taller
    • Favorite thing about the Tek? It's the perfect place to study, with people to talk to but is quiet at the same time.
    • Short-Term Goals? Getting my first apartment to live in for next year.
    • Mid-Term Goals? Get an internship at Senator Patty Murray's office for the Fall.
    • Long-Term Goals? I want to travel all over the place. Especially Eastern Europe, because it's mysterious and I don't know anything about it.
    • Favorite food? Brownies
    • Favorite genre of music? It depends on the day of the week. Tuesdays I like punk, but not on Wednesdays. Thursdays I like gospel.
    • Favorite thing about Seattle U? The classes, and the quality of the education, and small class sizes.
    • If you had a time machine, where would you go in time to? Three thousand years in the future, to see how much humanity has completely evolved from our time now.
    • Have you been outside the US? Where? Yes, Belize, Ireland, Canada.
    • Where would your dream vacation be? I really want to go to Thailand. My dad went there and I got to see pictures and I thought it would be pretty awesome. It's really cheap, too, and like, thai food.
    • If you were to be given $100k, what would you do with it? Put it in retirement. Save it. Then travel with it, and then invest it into a cause that would change people's lives when I see there really is one out there.
    • And finally, and most importantly, cats or dogs? Catsssssssss