Boston Bay Marathon

By Rachel Minniefield


This event is controversial because it happened in the middle of social event also because there was so many speculations of a terrorist attack or not . Including what was the reason they did this tragic event.

Media Outlets

This even was covered By CNN who focused on it as a terrorist attack

Also rolling stones who basically plastered his face like he achieved something good

Another thing is New York post splashed pictures of two innocent men with the headline "BAG MEN"

The history channel when it was broadcast was straight to the point. Also they covered all parts also they made it clear that it wasn't a terrorist attack

By Selection

CNN they only picked certain information to give out. They didn't give the full story and just gave evidence that would make it seem like a terrorist attack.CNN Only pointed out certain thingsto make them look more like terroist like they didn't have their green cards




This is a historical event because it draws hundreds and thousands of people together. Also was the 117th time that the world’s oldest annual marathon which commemorates the 1775 battles of Lexington and Concord that kicked off the American Revolutionary . This is also controversial because it scares people in thinking that it is terrorism which has been a problem in the USA for quite some time.


This even is cultural because it was at a sanction that people have been going to for years. As Americans we expect that our safety is number one but attacks like this that threaten our lively hood shocks our core and what we stand for. This puts fear into future marathons or any other huge even that is being set of in the place we all call home.