My Family

By Itzel Zavala

What we do as a family.

My family and I do so much fun stuff. We have a movie night once in a while we like to play board games and go to the park since summer is now coming.We also do just dance together and we have family dinners. We also like to do challenges together during year. In summer we might to a challenge with water & we do a bunch of hiking and bike rides & in winter we bake a lot during the holidays.My family is pretty cool.

My family is very important to me because there my family there my #1 supporters . When there's something wrong I'm there for them and I know they will be there for me.They have been threw a lot and honestly they have been the best parents and supporters anyone could ask for.Yes sometimes they can be very annoying but I will still love them no matter what.

Others might want to be part of my community?

Well actually yes other people might want to be part of my community maybe because we have a different culture,different personality,and different ways or maybe they just want to be part of something special.Everyone will want to be part of a community that they think is very special to them.

My family is important.

My family is different than other family's. All families are important because we're all different why is that ,well would you usually see a same snowflake or same outfit every day ... No because we're all different. We all have a different culture and diffrence ways ! I love my family just the way they are.