What Is Juxtaposition?

A juxtaposition is when an author compares or contrasts two very dissimilar things to creat a new and interest effect. One could use.

  • Two different words (Good and Bad).
  • Two very different ideas (Liberal and Conservative).
  • Two different characters (Bilbo and Smeagol).
  • Separate objects, like the bird on the wire in the picture to the left.

Why Use It?!

An author would use a juxtaposition in order to make you stop reading and go back and think. It is often used in poetry, art, photography, movies, along with literature.

When Can You Use It?!?!

I just used juxtaposition and you may have never known. Look up, see the question marks and exclamation points? Those add an apposing idea to contrast the calm nature of the sentence. Other ways it may be used:

  • Could be used as comedic device.
  • Simply could be added when you want reader to stop and think.
  • Add suspense.

Examples in Literature.

  1. One in poetry is: In "The Seed Merchant's Son" by Herbertson, in this poem about war the first half describes a young boy full of life, the second half takes to the boy lifeless. Comparing Life and Death.
  2. One in a novel is: In the "Tale of two Cities" by Dickins, the line “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…" is a perfect example, comparing old and new,along with wisdom to foolishness.

Example in Pop Culture!

STAR WARS! The relationship between Luke and his father, Darth Vader is a juxtaposition. Luke symbolizes good, while his father lead evil. This is trying to get you to think about how the world effects people, even when they can be so similar.

Something You May Not of Noticed!

We just read "The Things They Carried" , and in a way that whole book is a juxtaposition. The book is focusing on how peace and war interact. Showing different ways it effects people, like Tim who can go from war to peace easily. Tim was trying to make you think about how it effects people.

BY Jeff Heign

AKA: Captain RedBeard