The Killing Lightening Bolt

By: Alex Griffiths Block#3

The sky was empty. Zeus knew that. It had been that way since Heidi and all the bad in him destroyed the light to come during night fall. Zeus had had enough of and was ready to put an end to Heidi, for good.

In order to get back at Heidi, Zeus needed to think of a plan quickly. Not long after, he got an amazing idea. He started experimenting with different kinds of spells and potions and finally he came up with the lightening bolt. Zeus had planned to strike Heidi with it , killing him instantly.

Zeus had a son, Kaethon, which he loved dearly. One day Zeus learned there was something wrong with his sweet loving son. He soon realized that Heidi had possessed Kaethon to send a warning to Zeus. There was a note Kaethon was holding. It was from Heidi, " Don't say I didn't warn you. You think your son is bad, all mighty Zeus. Just wait till you see what I have planned next." the note read. Zeus was furious. He was after Heidi before the planned date.

With Kaethon being possessed by and being watched by Heidi, he couldn't held but run and tell. Little did he know his dad was way ahead of him. When Kaethon was in the middle of explaining, Zeus appeared, with the bolt sparking in his hand. Kaethon alongside Heidi could tell Zeus was ready. Fully loaded. " Heidi, my friend. Prepare to meet your doom!" shouted Zeus. With such anger, he threw the bolt aiming for Heidi. As Kaethon saw it coming, he pushed Heidi out of the way and took one for the team.

Watching his son fall to the ground for his death, Zeus could not believe what he had done. He had killed his own son out of anger and for that he realized all the wrong he was doing. Zeus could never forgive himself. No amount of money was worth the price he had to pay.

Going through this tragedy of killing his own son, Zeus learned to never let anger get the best of you because you could suffer severely from the outcome.