B.E.A.R. Insider

Issue #4

Congratulations to Gene and Devon Musser

Thank you to all the B.E.A.R. members who were able to make it our for Reaperz wedding. Your support was appreciated and thank you for helping to make it a wonderful and memorable day.

Football Pick'em Fundraiser

We are currently in the process of getting the first annual B.E.A.R. Football Fundraiser started. We are still taking people who want to be involved in an NFL Pick'em League. If you are interested or know someone who is, please get involved. You do NOT have to be a B.E.A.R. member to participate.

First B.E.A.R. Milestone

We are still in the process of reaching our first milestone on our road to becoming a non-profit organization. Donations are still needed in order for us to apply to become an official organization. From there we will be able to apply for the non-profit. Please consider making a donation. You can fill out the form HERE. If you are able to give now it would be greatly appreciated. You can donate directly using PayPal HERE. To those people who have already pledged or donated, thank you. It is with everyone's support we will be able to achieve our goals and make the B.E.A.R. mission a reality.

B.E.A.R. Football Kickoff

Friday, Aug. 23rd, 7:30pm

76 Cartledge Ln

Millersville, PA

MIRanger is providing meatball subs and some other odds and ends. They will have Pepsi and Mt Dew. Laura Fallingbomb is gonna make some dessert. People can bring anything they want including whatever they want to drink.

PARKING..... very important!!!

You can't park in ANY space, marked with a number or not. The only legal place to park is on the street behind us. It's in front of the 200 block of Cartledge Ln and anywhere on Bradford Drive.

Fireworks with Max Dragons

Sunday, Sep. 1st, 8pm

398 Fairview Rd

Ronks, PA

Prepare to be amazed...

Quick Message

I can't say how much it means to have so many people on board with B.E.A.R. This is truly an amazing community we are all building together. I can't thank enough people for stepping up helping with the website, facebook, twitter, logo, hosting events, discussing goals, donating hard earned cash, and supporting one another. B.E.A.R. would not be able to begin with out the resounding support of all of you.

We have many lofty goals ahead of us, and I know with the community we are building we will be able to achieve them and more.

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