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Wallace Associates - Creative Thinking

This programme enables you to engage your right brain and become a more creative person. It is a foundational programme for teams which are bound by procedures and routines or managers who need a course in big picture thinking. The content is all experiential and has been designed to show you a different dimension, the creative dimension, for approaching life and work generally. The purpose is to give you techniques which open up creative thinking and challenge you to find a time and place to apply them at work.


By the end of this programme you will be able to:

- Energise your mind by using simple right brain exercises

- Use Rowe’s decisional analysis to assess your usual thinking practices

- Engage your right brain by using sounds and pictures

- Be creative using story boards and the imagination for humour

- Use the “imaginative journey” for relaxation and creativity

- Use the brainstorming technique for multiplying creative options

- Use the random word method to energise lateral thinking

- Become skilled in lateral thinking by using de Bono’s “po” exercises