Spring Break Adventuring

fun in the lovely sun! By Savanah Johnson

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This is the pier we were dropped off at, and also where we swam with many beautiful creatures.

Clearwater beach in Florida!!!!!

Over Spring break my beach partner and i traveled by plane to Clearwater beach in Florida for a sand tounament. The tournament was only 3 days long so we got to spend 4 days on the beach adventuring! Our first stop was amazing! We wanted to do something we couldnt do back home in Texas. After a few hours of thinking and searching, we decided to take 2 speed boat tours and swim with stingrays and sharks! At first i was nervous, but after moments of discussion and reassurence from the tour guides i felt safe. I hopped into the warm water and immediately could feel the amazing animals brushing up against me. They were beautiful! I had never been so amazed and aw-struck. I was very sad when it eneded,but knew i would be heading back to Clearwater Beach very soon.


Written published and edited by Savanah Johnson

All photo credits to Google