A Christmas Carol

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In the book A Christmas Carol by: Charles Dickens the main character's name is Scrooge, he is a grumpy old man who gets visited by three spirits to change his future. In the beginning, Scrooge was a mean, old, grumpy man. When I first started the book, Scrooge seemed like a person that would never change and was stubborn. Next, the spirits came to haunt him and he realized all of his wrong doings in his life. He was taught lots of lessons from the spirits and they paid off in a great surprise! The figurative language used really made the spirits come to life and helps the story make more sense. In conclusion, you should really read this book if you want to read about Scrooge, his family, and the spirits in their adventure and sacrifice.

Sacrifices Made

In A Christmas Carol, Scrooge has to make some sacrifices to change his ways and free himself. One thing that he has to sacrifice is his money, in the end he gives some of his money away to the poor. That would be a sacrifice for Scrooge because he had been focused on saving money his whole life. Like Scrooge, I've had to make sacrifices in my life too. A sacrifice I made was when I decided to volunteer at a shelter rather than go shopping. I sacrificed my time to the shelter and risked losing some new things I could have gotten.