First crickets start out as eggs. Most cricket eggs are laid in the dirt. Once cricket eggs hatch they are nymphs. Nymphs molt to reach adults. They molt about seven times. Once the nymphs are adults the males mate by chirping. Only the males chirp. When the females find a male they mate. Then after about two weeks they lay eggs. Then the lifecycle starts over.

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Body Parts

Crickets are insects so they have three main body parts head, thorax, abdomen. On a crickets head are it's two antennae. Crickets have six legs on their thorax. The four front legs on a cricket are short but the two back ones are long. Crickets have wings on their backs. They use their wings to chirp.
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There are a lot of species but here are just a few. The mole, house, tree, cave, camel, desert, Jerusalem, and field. Those are just a few but there's more out there.


Crickets live in a lot of places. But here are some. Fields, houses, deserts, caves, underground, and in trees. A crickets favorite place to be is in fields.


Crickets will really eat anything like cloths, dead insects, dog food, anything. Crickets are also food for lizards, other bugs, and some more animals.