Drug Research



Phencyclidine is the Generic name for it.
Street Names
  • angel dust
  • rocket fuel
  • embalming fluid
  • wack
  • dust
  • hog
  • ozone
  • crystal
  • elephant

& Brand Name is the same as the regular name, PCP.

Any Medical Uses?

No there are no medical uses needed for PCP.

Physical Dependencies of PCP

You won't be able to move around a lot. Family and friends will begin to be ashamed of you because of what your doing to yourself. You won't be able to get a job easily. You could have difficulties in paying attention, concentrating, and reflecting. It becomes very addictive. It can cause a coma or even death. You can lose your memory, not be good with talking, and can lose and excessive amount of weight.

How Is PCP Taken?

It can be eaten, snorted, injected or smoked. If it's smoked it can be felt within 2-5 minutes.

Side Effects Of PCP

The effects are trance-like, and patients experience a feeling of being "out of body" and detached from their environment.

The Signs/Effects Of An Overdose Of PCP.

  • Catatonic trance (you do not talk, move, or react)
  • Hallucinations
  • High blood pressure
  • Uncontrolled movement
  • Agitation (overly excited, violent behavior)

Withdrawl Symptoms Of PCP

Some symptoms are producing shallow breathing, nausea, blurred vision, numbness, sweating and loss of muscle coordination. Long-term, chronic


abuse will create permanent memory loss, speech problems and central nervous system damage.

Signs That Someone Is "On" PCP

  • Stuttering
  • Impaired memory
  • Inability to think clearly
  • Inability to speak
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Isolation and withdrawal
  • How PCP is Abused

Any Famous People On PCP

Rodney King is one of the people that used PCP and dies from it. Also Aaron Hernandez is another person that used it and died. Those are the only people I could find that use the drug PCP.