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Technical Skills

As a Senior Analyst Programmer, you will be expected to have many skills under your belt.

An example of this is a high level of coding experience, for instance, in CSS.

Due to the nature of the skill, it is important that this knowledge is up to date and correct. Coding is a long and tedious process, and as such, if you are making mistakes quite often, then the workload you output is going to be greatly reduced, as is the quality of the final product.

Another form of coding available for use is HTML. HTML is a 'Java' product, much to the similarity of CSS. It is also often used in conjunction with CSS and Javascript, as they all function together and are the cornerstones of web development.

General Skills

As a coder, you will experience many things. Some of these might be good, but sadly, more often than not, there's a bug in the code. This leads onto one of the required general skills, problem solving.

Without problem solving, there is little chance of you being able to discover what is causing the code bug, and without knowing what is causing the error, there's little to no chance of fixing it before release. This is why analysis is key to finding the bug in the code.
Coders don't work alone however, as multiple coders will often work on the same piece, whether simultaneously, or individually. However, with either option coordination is key. Due to this, team working skills are essential and give you an option if you get a bug you just can't fix on your own.

Soft Skills
Finally, as a coder, there are some things you can't be taught that are required nonetheless. Some of these include being literate enough to code, as without this ground aspect, there is very little possibility to coding.
Another important trait to have is knowledge on the subject and the task. A well educated worker will produce much greater work than that of a poorly educated worker that has to swap between tabs often in search of tutorials and guides to help them code.
Deadlines are a major part of coding; a client wants their website and states a day that it must be done by, as a coder, it is your job to meet this deadline or face complaints, harassment or even legal claims from the client if the deadline is not met.

Senitor Associates, Courthill House, Water Ln, Wilmslow SK9 5APDesktop Support Technician

Technical Skills

Active Directory, Windows Desktop 7/8, Network Troubleshooting, Exchange, Remote Support, Password Resets, Printer Support

As a desktop support technician, your role is to provide remote support to clients and users that are unable to themselves. This will be done through the use of programs such as remote desktop viewer, teamviewer, and other programs.
You will also be operating on Windows 7, 8 and 10 respectively, depending on the client and business.
Finally, you will often be involved in the support of printers, whether onsite or through the use of a 'VPN' connection.
General Skills

As a support technician, you need many skills, examples of such include good teamworking skills. This is because if you are encountering an error you can't diagnose or resolve you can request help from a colleague in the idea that they will know what to do.

Communication is also a very big part in this role, as clients and users will often call in to get a quick resolution, this makes it very important to have good communication skills so to efficiently take down notes are information.

Soft Skills

Finally, the soft skills you need are manners, being polite, and working to a deadline.

Manners and politeness are important as a friendly and respectful voice will be more soothing to the client or user with the issue and make them more cooperative towards you, making it easier to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Finally, as a technician, you will often be working multiple tasks at once, and as such, will need to priorities and organize yourself well, as so to avoid having too many tasks that all start to build up and increase workload.

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