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Attitude of Gratitude

We've just most recently talked to students about what gratitude is, and shared ideas of what we are thankful for in our last school wide assembly. Mrs. Mason, our school counselor, is doing classroom guidance with our 5th grade and is focusing specifically on gratitude and the effects it has on ourselves and those around us. All students are hearing and sharing things that they are thankful for, and it is very moving to hear what they have to say.

It really is amazing what a difference it makes in someone's day to be appreciated or acknowledged for the big and little things that we do for others. Just the other morning I was greeting students and another student held the door for a group of kids just because. One of the little girls turned and thanked him for being "such a gentleman". Talk about a HUGE smile- It was heartwarming. I honestly can say I had such a "proud mama" moment. Our world is changing in such big ways, but it is very grounding to know that basic kindness is still being encouraged and modeled.

News to share....

Flu Season is Upon us! We have had several students who have come down with stomach bugs recently, but there hasn't been anything too bad. However, we are hearing that the flu season is predicted to be a rough one this year. Whether that is true or not, we wanted to remind families that during flu season once students have a fever of 100 degrees we call home. Students wouldn't be able to return to school until they have been fever free for 24 hours with no medications. Please have a "Plan B" lined up in case you are unable to stay with your child or pick them up from school. We cannot keep sick students at school simply because we cannot risk infecting other students.

We are more proactive during this time of year as far as building cleaning goes. We wipe down knobs, railings, etc. more often during the week, in addition, to disinfecting classrooms, desks, etc. All cleaning products are safe and specifically used for these seasons. During winter break we do go through a period in which we ask for the heat to be turned down to bare minimum to "freeze" out any germs. We also encourage the classroom teachers to have students wipe down their own desks, chairs, etc. to help prohibit the spread of illness.

We do appreciate those that don't send students to school with fevers. Anytime a student is running a fever they are contagious to everyone around them. With over 900 children here, illness could potentially spread quickly. We realize that and will do everything we can to maintain a healthy environment and keep our kids here. Between home and school, hopefully we can dodge the flu bullet.

Veterans' Day Celebration - What an important celebration this is for New Haven! We specifically teach about veteran's day and about our service men and women. This year, our programming will look a little different than in years past just because of our size. We can no longer fit everyone in our gym at the same time, let alone, add all of our veteran's and family members. So- this year our veterans and family members will get the seats in the bleachers as our students in every grade level perform and show their appreciation for the contributions our servicemen have made. Invitations were sent home through Infinite Campus, and we have just asked for an RSVP so that we can plan for coffee and donuts. We will meet at our flagpole at 8:50 for the Pledge and National Anthem before the programming starts. This is on Friday, November 10th.

PTA General meeting- We will be having a PTA general meeting on November 28th at 6:30 pm in the gym. Our student council members will be inaugurated, and a special guest will be joining us for the ceremony. The holiday shop will also be open that evening if parents would like to accompany their children, otherwise, classes will have times scheduled during the week.

Spirit Wear Sale!

Looking back at some of our events...

Pledging to be drug free

A couple of pictures of students pledging to be drug free.


Extreme Spirit Winners!

Upcoming events @ New Haven


9th- Board of Education Meeting @ RR / 7:30pm ** Student Council Leads the pledge
10th- Veteran's Day Celebration
14th- Primary Report Cards
17th- Popcorn Friday!
21st- SBDM
22nd- 24th- Thanksgiving Holiday / NO School
27th - 1st- Holiday Shop Week for students (Volunteers Needed to help please!)
28th- General PTA meeting / Reflections Awards Night @ 6:30 pm

8th- Popcorn Friday
11th- 5th grade Night of Gratitude
18th- Santa visits!
20th- Winter Break begins

3rd- Students return to school
11th- Board of Education meeting
12th- Popcorn Friday
16th- SBDM

19th- Extreme Spirit Day
23rd- School Wide character assembly (students only)

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