Elementary School Teacher

Chelsey Wallander

What does someone in this career do?

An Elementary School Teacher creates lesson plans and teaches multiple subjects to kids.

How much does someone earn in wages per year in this career?

The wage per year for this career is $45,980.

What are the annual openings?

The annual openings for this career is very high.
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What preparation is needed?

The preparations needed to be an Elementary School Teacher are; High School diploma, Bachelor's degree, teacher training program, student teacher internship, and state licensing exam.

5 important skills and abilities needed for this career.

Skills and abilities needed for this career include; Communicate, reason and problem Solve, use math and science, work with people, and identify a pattern.

What core classes you should be sure to do well in during High School to prepare for this career?

Core classes to do well in during High School are; Child Development and Keyboarding.

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