My Day With Lionel Messi

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My Day With Lionel Messi

One of best days of my life started when I was at a FC Barcelona game.It was my birthday and my family bought me tickets to go to the game to have the most fun in my entire life and I did have the funnest time.I was very excited it was the first game I have ever went to see.It was a very good game. We were in front of the stadium and we were having the time of our lives.

Barcelona won 4-0 against their classic enemy Real Madrid. I was very proud of the team.After the game I went to the snack bar and got a bacon wrapped hot dog and I was late for dinner so I took it home but then something caught my attention. The best soccer player in the world was standing at the exit and had a paper that had my name on it that means that I would be able to spend the whole day with him since it was my birthday.

The first thing I did was I took out my phone and called my parents to tell them about my big news. When I told them about the big news they excused me from dinner and let me hang out with Messi because it was my birthday. The first thing we did was since I missed dinner he took me to Denny’s. After that we went to the movies and watched Fury and then we went to the park to play soccer against each other.

We suddenly got tired we started walking home when suddenly he started coughing out blood I had to take him to the hospital but the hard part was that I had to carry him to the hospital. When we got to the hospital the doctor told me that he was very sick.He was going to have to leave home and rest for his next game. When he was walking to his house he stopped looked back at me and told me that he would take me to Disney Land.

When we got to Disneyland the first ride we went was the Tower Of Terror.When we got out of the tower Messi was still very hungry so we went to eat at one of the restaurants that they have in the theme park.It was one of the best meals of my life. After we ate we decided to go on one more ride so we went on our favorite ride California Screamin we had so much fun that we decided to go on it 4 times.

Finally Messi took me home and we said our goodbyes I was very sad.When he saw that I was sad he called his manager and told him to bring a lot of things that involves Messi and his team.When his manager got here Messi got all the things from the truck and got a pen out and signed every single thing in that truck.After that he helped me put all the things in my room before he left .When Messi left I was so happy because he had left me a lot of cool things that were autographed by him.