Hi-lites week of Christmas

Cheers to 2021!

Merry Christmas from Highland Catholic School!

We hope you enjoy this wonderful season with your families. At times, it feels like Advent started in March.

A few things:

1. After Christmas, there will be an email with a link to a Quick Response Form regarding learning plans for the New Year. Thanks for completing this form.

2. January 4-8 will be a week of Distance Learning.

3. January 11th, we will be offering in-person learning to Preschool - 8th. We will continue to offer Distance Learning for K-8 and Subscription Service for Preschoolers.

4. We are tightening up the drop off time. We would like the last group of students to arrive at 8:30 a.m. We have our arrival routines down pat and no longer need that full hour to move students safely into the building. This will allow for more instruction time, too. Students may be dropped off from 7:45-8:25 a.m. Thank you.

5. We will re-send you the new Decision Tree from the MDH. We will move to using the ten day quarantine instead of the 14 day. Please remember if your child is exposed and quarantining with a club or outside activity, they should NOT attend school. Air travel still calls for a ten day quarantine period. Also, if someone in your household is waiting for Covid-19 test results, all students in your household should stay home from school.

6. Highland Catholic School will request the testing materials from the State of MN for volunteer testing of all faculty/staff every other week.

7. Please continue to keep students home if they have a fever or any symptoms of Covid-19. It will make our building healthier.

8. If you are a college graduate and are interested in serving as a substitute teacher at Highland Catholic School in the upcoming months. Please contact Jane Schmidt at j.schmidt@highlandcatholic.org for training information. Thank you.

Our goal is to provide in-person learning as long as it is safe to do so. It is challenging to maintain instruction in-person if a large number of faculty and staff are out of the building quarantining. Let's work together to keep cases out of the building. We welcome any of your suggestions.

Stay well and cheers to a New Year!

Message from our Friends at AgraCulture Kitchen

Hope this message finds you well!

I just wanted to reach out to let you know the promotion that we are currently offering at all of our Agra locations and see if it'd interest any Highland Catholic staff or families. We appreciate take-out is a popular option nowadays and I figured just sending you this quick note may spark some interest. We would love for you to pass this message along to everyone at Hi-C!

Please see below --

Agra Culture Kitchen - December Gift Card Promotion

· Buy $ 100 Gift Card - Receive $ 20 Gift Card for Free

· Buy $ 50 Gift Card - Receive $ 10 Gift Card for Free

**Offer runs through 12/31

Upcoming Dates

Christmas Vacation - Dec. 19-Jan. 3rd

Distance Learning Resumes - Jan. 4th-8th

In-Person School Resumes for Preschool - 8th - January 11th

Kindergarten Virtual Open House Jan. 5th

Highschool Placement Test at HiC Jan. 23rd at 9 a.m.

Catholic Schools Week at the end of the Month

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News from our Home and School Committee

If you weren't able to attend the recent December 16th Parent Seminar session on kids and social media, then you can still review the information that was discussed! And you can also sign up for the January 14 book club expanding on the technology topic.

Here are links to the discussed videos and presentation points:

1. 47min Video including Q&A "We've Been Sneaking Into Your Brains" by Max Stossel, Head of Education at the Center for Humane Technology.

COVID RELATED MESSAGE (149) Digital Well-Being Guidelines for Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic - YouTube

COORESPONDING RESOURCE LINK: Digital Well-Being Guidelines for Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic (humanetech.com)

2. Learn more about the Wait Until 8th Campaign as highlighted on this segment of The Today Show. Highland Catholic would like to inform parents about the Wait Until 8th pledge as it empowers parents to rally together to delay giving children a smartphone (basic phones ok) until at least 8th grade.

By banding together, pressure felt by kids and parents alike is decreased. If necessary for keeping in touch with your child before 8th grade, basic phones and other gadgets are options. They offer avenues for calls and texts without a data plan.

How does the pledge work? By signing the online pledge, you promise not to give your child a smartphone until at least 8th grade as long as at least 10 families from your child’s grade and school pledge. Once 10 families have pledged, you will be notified that the pledge is in effect! You will receive an email along with the other parents from your grade and school that sign the pledge when the pledge goes into effect. Your information will not be made public on the site. For more information, review the FAQ's here: https://www.waituntil8th.org/faqs

Childhood is too short to spend on a smartphone. Take the pledge today!

3. We hope you will join us for the follow up session on Thursday January 14th at 7pm. Click here for details and to RSVP. We are looking forward to the Book Club Style discussion on Raising Humans in a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology by Diana Graber.

Questions? Reach Hi-C Home and School Rep Jordan Quayle at 320-493-4330 or jordanmariequayle@gmail.com