Leadership You Can Believe In

"It's not about you. It's about us," Dr. Curtis Jones Jr.

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August 7, 2015

2015-2016 Convocation: Leadership You Can Believe In

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Springdale Teacher Leading the Way in Curriculum Development

Springdale Elementary teacher Jayne Gammons is a self-described curriculum fiend. She even has a home office dedicated to her curriculum research and craft. She believes that good teachers are always looking to learn more and achieve more.

Springdale Elementary Principal Donna Jackson said she’s the luckiest principal in the world because of teachers like Jayne Gammons.

Over the summer, Mrs. Gammons was invited to teach seminars during the Staff Development for Educators 2015 National Conference in Las Vegas. The SDE Conference consists of seven overlapping conferences in five days: I Teach 5K!, I Teach 1st!, I Teach 2nd!, Differentiated Instruction, and Singapore Math Strategies.

Mrs. Gammons taught seminar classes on developmental writing, readers’ workshop, connecting read-aloud with writing, and raising the rigor through read-alouds. In addition, she’ll be presenting nine workshops at four state conferences this upcoming school year in Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee and New Jersey.

She said her workshops are a mixture of three elements: research-based information, practical and innovative ideas, and encouragement. She brings her “whole-brain” techniques from her kindergarten and first-grade classrooms into her seminars by allowing teachers to turn and talk, get up and dance, and then ask questions to engage the whole learning process.

“Jayne completely dives into research; she’s always looking for things that are better for kids,” Springdale Elementary Principal Donna Jackson said of Mrs. Gammons. “She’s constantly implementing new ideas. You just have to watch what takes place in the classroom. She knows children. She knows what is best for children. It’s just magic.”

Gammons credits her ability to research and try new teaching techniques to her administration at Springdale Elementary School.

“At Springdale Elementary School, we are very fortunate to have two administrators who understand the philosophy of mindset growth. They understand that and believe in it. On top of that, they encourage the growth mindset. We also have a leader who is a relationship leader. With those things together, there is no end to how we can affect children’s lives.”

Mrs. Gammons said she’s most inspired by the quotation, “We set goals for who we want to become on the way to achieving them.”

“The important work is who our students become on the way to getting there,” she said. “That’s the important work: Becoming.”

You can follow Mrs. Gammons’ work on her two blogs: Smart Kids and ABCS of Reading.

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Principals, Assistant Principals Begin Work on Superintendent's Non-Negotiables

Principals and Assistant Principals attended Inter-Rater Reliability training with the Georgia Department of Education for three days in July. The training helps build consistent practices in understanding and using Georgia's evaluation system known as the Teacher Keys Effectiveness System and Leader Keys System, a tool that helps school leadership evaluate professional development processes.

A stronger focus on TKES/LKES implementation is one of Superintendent Dr. Jones' non-negotiables for the 2015-2016 school year.

Kroger Shows Appreciation for Teachers with Supply Giveaway

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District's Community Partners Show School Staff and Faculty Appreciation

It really does take a village to raise our children. GE Capital and New Pilgrim Baptist Church are organizations who understand that!

Ingram-Pye Elementary faculty, staff and student teachers from Mercer University enjoyed a lunch at GE Capital to celebrate the school's partnership with the company!

Teachers felt like royalty during the luncheon, and even left with carloads of school supplies to use this school year!

New Pilgrim Baptist Church hosted teachers from Westside High, Weaver Middle, Union Elementary, Riley Elementary and Hartley Elementary to their church for lunch and a gift!

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AP Parent & Student Night

Please join us for a district-wide AP Parent and Student Night with The College Board. This event will be held on Thursday, August 13, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the Central High School Auditorium at 2155 Napier Avenue.

A representative from the College Board will be here to introduce parents and students to the opportunities and benefits of AP classes for students who want to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. Students and families are welcome to attend.

We hope to see you there on August 13. For more information, please call (478) 765-8597.

Two District Schools Ready to Implement "Leader In Me" Philosophy
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'Leader in Me' Pilot Program Begins at Burdell-Hunt, Carter Elementary

Two Bibb school staffs spent their last week of the 2014-2015 school year working toward leadership development in themselves in order to turn around and develop leadership qualities in their students.

“The Leader In Me” program is a philosophy developed by Franklin Covey, based off of Dr. Stephen Covey’s best-selling business book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Thanks to funding from the Macon Chamber of Commerce and the Macon-Bibb Industrial Authority, Burdell-Hunt Magnet School and Sonny Carter Elementary School will pilot the program in Bibb County for school year 2015-2016.

“The premise behind ‘Leader In Me’ is that everyone is a leader: every teacher, every child,” Senior Consultant Ruth Williams with Franklin Covey says. “We learn the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ in order to equip the teachers so they can go back and teach the kids the 7 habits…it teaches kids life skills and how to take responsibility for themselves.”

Burdell-Hunt Principal Tanya Allen and Carter Elementary teacher Amanda Marsh spearheaded the effort to bring the program to Bibb County.

“We owe this to our children of Bibb County,” Marsh says.

Thank you to our sponsors who have enabled the District to implement the program:


The Easter Family Fund

Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce


Cox Communications

Macon Occupational Medicine

Fox 24/ABC16

Friends of “The Leader in Me”

The Peyton Anderson Foundation

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Principals Learn to Create Performance Learning Communities

Performance Learning Communities

In Case You Missed It: Summer Camps Across the District Impart Year-Round Learning

Various programs and camps were held at schools throughout the District this summer. Here are a few highlights from the summer:
Bibb Girls Learn Construction Skills in Macon Summer Camp


The District’s Mentoring a Girl in Construction (MAGIC) Camp gave female high school students the opportunity to learn crafts in the areas of welding, electricity and carpentry. The camp was founded by Renee Conner in 2007 after she saw a need for a future female workforce. During the week-long camp, the students built toolboxes, constructed lamps and welded butterflies. The girls also learned the importance of job safety and had the opportunity to tour a job site at the end of the week.

Ivanna Baker, rising junior at Howard High, said she learned to overcome her fear of working with fire.

“I learned how to weld and most importantly I learned that the fire doesn’t have a brain,” she said.

Ivanna also said she mastered the art of using tools, such as a staple gun, and learned that one does not have to be an electrician to construct a lamp.

Southwest Summer Bridge Program

Southwest High School hosted a Summer Bridge Program for rising ninth grade students. The program offered students the chance to preview the upcoming curriculum and get accustomed to their new school.

“The summer bridge program is designed to help our upcoming ninth grade students transition into high school,” said graduation coach Shanda Williams. “We help them get acclimated to the building, introduce them to their teachers, and provide them with a snapshot into the ninth grade curriculum so they know what they will be expecting in the areas of math, English and science.”

The students also had the opportunity to tour Clayton State University at the end of the Summer Bridge Program.

Former Ballard-Hudson Middle student Bernard Smith said, “I think it will help me do better in the ninth grade.”

“Transitioning from middle school to high school can be difficult for some students and their parents. It is an unknown,” said Ms. Williams. “I think getting the opportunity to come early, learn the building, know where their locker is and how to get to the cafeteria, and understanding what is expected when they come to high school allows for a smoother transition. Hopefully, we can instill some things in them so they will graduate on time.”

ESOL Summer Camp Reinforces Academic-Year Learning

ESOL Summer Program

Vineville Academy of the Arts held an ESOL Summer Reading and Math Camp during the week of June 8-12. English language learners from grades 2-5 attended to enhance their academic skills during the summer break. Students focused on homophones, forming sentences and deconstructing math word problems. Teachers also incorporated other subjects, such as social studies, into their reading lessons.

Girls make lip gloss, lighted-tutus at Summer STEM Camp


Rising ninth grade females interested in engineering, technology and construction participated in a week-long summer STEM camp. The Engineering, Power, Information Technology and Construction Girls camp, or EPIC-G, gave young females the opportunity to explore male-dominated professions.

During the camp, the students learned several different trades in the fields of chemical engineering, technology, electricity, and construction. They built jewelry boxes, designed their own shade of lip gloss, created powered LED tutus, and learned to create a website.

Amber Lawrence plans to complete the engineering career pathway at Westside High.

“It was really fun,” she said. “This camp gave me a taste of all different kinds of engineering.”

“We are really trying to get girls interested in STEM and engineering,” said Mary Beth Barnes, Westside High’s Pre-Engineering Magnet Coordinator. “We are also going to be having biotechnology here at Westside so we are wanting girls to get involved in engineering and biotechnology and to realize that these are really exciting careers.”

Summer STEM Camp at Northeast High School
Middle School Summer Program Provides Life-Long Learning

Miller Math and Literacy Camp

Miller Middle School students received the opportunity to continue their learning this summer at the school’s math and literacy camp. The students participated in hands-on activities, such as measuring the length of each other’s arms and averaging the class size, to develop their math concepts. Students also practiced citing evidence and distinguishing the difference between fact and opinion.

Isaiah Bailey, a rising seventh-grader, said he joined the summer program in order to get a head start on the upcoming material.

“I think it beneficial for any student to attend a summer program,” Miller Middle Academic Coach Sally Moody said. “It continues the learning.”

District Students Program Robots, Computer Games at Creative Camp
Students Learn to Make Speaker at Physics Camp
AP Summer Academy Features Rocketry, Aviation
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Hutchings COMPASS Assessment Dates Announced

If you have been accepted or would like to attend Hutchings College and Career Academy during the 2015-2016 school year, you must take the COMPASS assessment.

The COMPASS assessment will be offered to all students for initial or retest on on Saturday, August 8 at 10 a.m. at the Hutchings College and Career Academy – Media Center, located at 2011 Riverside Drive, Macon.

To ensure there are the necessary materials for everyone testing, please register online at http://tinyurl.com/m8x3t6a.

You may also access additional information on Hutchings College and Career Academy’s website: bcsdk12.net/hutchings

For additional information you may call Leigh Olsen at 478-779-2557.

District Makes Way for Veterans Elementary School
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Read2Succeed Program to Expand to 10 District Schools Thanks to $225,000 Grant

A $225,000 grant from the Peyton Anderson Foundation will allow United Way to expand the Read2Succeed Initative into 10 Bibb County School District schools. United Way began the pilot program at Ingram-Pye Elementary School and will now be able to implement the program at Hartley Elementary, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, Southfield Elementary, Bruce Elementary, Morgan Elementary, Burdell-Hunt Elementary, Williams Elementary, Brookdale Elementary and Riley Elementary School.

Read2Succeed is an early childhood development program that helps to ensure all students can read on grade-level by third grade. Grade-level reading by the end of third grade is an important predictor of school success and high school graduation.

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MSNBC, CNN Contributor Speaks to Southwest High Staff

Dr. Steve Perry, as seen on MSNBC and CNN, came to speak with Southwest High and District employees as they prepared for the new school year.

Southwest High Principal requested Dr. Perry's visit because his vision aligns with his vision for Southwest and for what they're about to do at Southwest.

"You can't be great when average is expected," Dr. Perry told the auditorium.

Great Promise Partnership to Assist District with Graduation Rates

The District has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Great Promise Partnership.

This initiative will provide job opportunities for at-risk youth ages 16 and above during the school day. The end goal of the partnership is to help increase graduation rates and boost career success for Georgia students.

The Great Promise Partnership will implement this program with the assistance of Communities in Schools of Central Georgia.

Regularly Scheduled Monthly Committee and Board Meetings

Thursday, Aug. 20th, 4pm

484 Mulberry St

Macon, GA

VISION: Each student demonstrates strength of character

and is college or career ready.

MISSION: The Bibb County School District will develop

a highly trained staff and an engaged community dedicated

to educating each student for a 21st century global society.