Earths Movements

Earths History

Have you ever looked outside at the stars at night? Well in the 1500's and 1600's two scientists Copernicus was the first scientists Galileo two astronomers. They knew that the earth revolved around the sun but everybody back then they believed that the earth stays still but they knew about the truth of earth. Back then people also believed that the stars were just reflections off the moon. but there little balls of fire.

vocab. words

Earths rotation-the way the earth rotats around the sun.

Erosion-how water goes up to the clouds

Layers of the earth - crust, mantle ,iner core, outer core.

Mantle-right under thecrust of the earth.

Equator- what splits the earth in half

earths major tectonic plates

have you ever noticed how the northeastern part of South America goes with north western the north part ofAfrica? well in the 1960s scientists learned that the earths surface broke into more than a dozen tectonic plates.