Marie Hakeman

By: Marie Hakeman


My birthday is February 25th, and I was born in 1997. I will be sixteen this year.


I live in Williamsburg, Iowa. I have lived here all of my life., and I have lived in three different houses.


I have one brother, two sisters, and one niece. My olderst sisters name is Emily. My niece is one month old, and her name is Leilani. My sister, Kayley, goes to Mount Mercy. My bother, Matthew, goes to Iowa State.
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I play softball, and I am a pitcher. I started playing when I was four, and I played on the Parnell Baseball team. Now I take lessons from "Breakthrew Fastpitch," and I have been taking them for seven years.
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I attend Williamsburg High School in Williamsburg, Iowa. I am a sophomore, and I will graduate in 2015. I'm not sure where I want to go to college yet, but I want to major in Culinary Management.