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Acton Weekly Update 9/14/18

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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Weekly Collaboration Schedule- Quarter 1

This is the schedule up until Fall Break.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • With the implementation of our Daily 5 and CFA's as we do walk-through's the following items are things that I'm looking for as I walk around classrooms: Stamina Charts, I-Charts, ABC Tracing Cards- Kindergarten, Essential Questions, Individual Student Book Sets.
  • On Tuesday we will be doing a Gallery Walk where each of you will walk around to other classrooms and celebrate the great things that we are doing. We will use the form below to jot down things we see and like and ideas for your own room. Then on Wednesday, we will share out these celebrations! Gallery Walk
  • Next week I will begin observations. At this time, I will start with short unannounced observations. My Goal is to have everyone's short observation complete by December.
  • Take a minute and peruse these brochures newly released from the DOE:



  • The DOE just released a draft of their Literacy Framework! LOTS and LOTS of good info here.


  • Don't you think it would be a great learning experience to learn how to score the new ILEARN assessment? Commit to working 3 evenings a week and get paid to score the Spring ILEARN test! Here is the info:


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Coach's Corner

This week I want to provide two more easy strategies that will help us write more effective mini-lessons. These ideas came from this professional development I provided last year at South Creek.

Last week I suggested having a clear, unwavering focus to your mini-lesson. I also talked about the importance of showing students exactly what you want them to know.

The first strategy for this week comes from Robert Marzano's research. He says that while it is essential to actively teach students what they need to know, it is also incredibly important to get students actively engaged with the content (Marzano). That sounds great, but what does it look like? He goes on to suggest some proven active engagement strategies such as note taking, graphic organizers/anchor charts, physical manipulative, simple recall questions, and analogies.

The second strategy for this week is all about feedback. It is important that we give our students feedback after they engage with any new material. Immediate feedback is important because it:

- Highlights what’s right/wrong or good/bad about their work

- Highlights how they can improve

Marzano also highlights that it's also incredibly important to understand that students need to be given feedback while there is still time to improve (before a formal summative assessment).

Researcher John Hattie says that novice or struggling students need immediate feedback the most. He also points out the fact that feedback is a two-way street. It's not always about the student.

Counseling Corner

A Message and a Conscious Discipline Video

Thank you for incorporating the Brain Smart Start into your morning meeting.

I've already had several students tell me they've been doing them in class.

Reteaching: Remember, if you have a student or two acting silly during your instruction or practice of the breathing techniques, demonstrate your Calm by kindly asking them to watch the others do it for awhile until they are ready to try again. Still having trouble? Set aside a time for me to come in and help guide those students while you lead the class through it.

How we react when kids push our buttons and don't follow directions is how we are Teaching them to respond to people in their lives when their buttons are pushed: in the classroom, on the bus, at recess, in the cafe, in the restroom, at specials, at home, etc.

Here is an amazing video that gets at the heart of button pushing and how to respond. And it reminds us that we don't have to do to others, what was done to us.


I wish you well,

Mr. Adams


Weekly PBIS Focus Expectations:

Week 7 Hall/ Bathroom- Please find at least one opportunity to discuss and/or practice Hall/ Bathroom. If you have students who need individualized/ small group practice- please send me names.

Please have your students watch these videos next week.

Hallway: https://www.youtube.com/embed/IJEZwfwhX_E

Bathroom: https://www.youtube.com/embed/Oukd2wmOaPw


All teachers will complete an 18/19 Growth Goal. Please start thinking about your SMART goal. They will need to be in PIVOT by October 1st. (2 weeks away)

Link to Pivot

Parent Teacher Conferences Coming Soon!

October 10th 3:30-7:00pm

October 11th 4:00-7:30pm

Getting Started:

Go to www.PTCFast.com

School Name Acton Elementary School

Ticket # 1314GB

Passcode C3ND4B

Semester Fall 2018

Please refer to previous email for explicit directions.

Trauma Informed Instructional Practices


RISE and SHINE (intermediate)

1. Say, "Have a seat on the floor. Now, let's think of all the different ways to stand up. Show me how you stand up."

2. After your child scrambles to his feet, ask him to rise in these ways:

-with just one hand

-with no hands

-with his eyes closed

-while rocking back and forth to get momentum

Helps your child develop and enhance motor planning (for learning yoga poses and karate positions); propioception (for developing endurance and 'oomph'; vestibular processing (for moving without getting dizzy)

Ways to make it more challenging: have child rise from a lying down position; sit on the floor with backs pressed together (as with a partner) and push against each other to rise.

FTCSC 18/19 Technology Goals

1. By October 12, 2018, all elementary teachers will create a Google Classroom. Teachers will send their classroom code to their administrator.

2. By February 1, 2019, general education teachers will use Google Classroom in any subject 1x/week. By February 1, 2019, related arts teachers, resource teachers, and EL teachers will use Google Classroom 1x/month.

Please send me the access code to your Google Classroom in the link below.

Click on the link "Google Classroom" Link below

Ohana Calandar

Monday 9/17/18

  • Third/ Fourth Grade ILEARN/AIRWAYS Meetings
  • Kasey The Dog- first grade
  • Skating Party 6-8
Tuesday 9/18/18
  • Collaboration: Diversity Awareness Video Training in LGI/ gallery walk
  • Fifth Grade ILEARN/AIRWAYS Meetings
  • Girl Scouts in cafeteria
  • TALENT SHOW 6:30-7:30
Wednesday 9/19/18
  • Collaboration: Certified Staff- Gallery Walk Share Out/Team Focus (RA@Ctech) Classified in Conference Room for Diversity Awareness Training Video
  • SOS Meetings (all day)
  • Robotics club

Thursday 9/20/18

  • CFA Quarterly Assessment Team (Shari/Stephanie)

Friday 9/21/18

  • PTO TEAM-A-THON!!!!!!! During RA Time!

Coming Up Before You Know It:

9/24-9/28*Anti Bullying week -DATE CHANGE

9/24- Art To Remember Begins

9/24 Dr. Stevenson Building Walk Through

9/25/18 Nadine Tech Training- coverage provided (See schedule sent out via email)

9/25/18 Chicago's Pizza Red Line Fundraiser Night

9/26/18 CFA Cohort #2 Work Day with Larry Ainsworth

9/27/18 PBIS Team Meeting

9/27/18 FC Homecoming Parade

9/28/18 Waterford Training (info- coming soon)

10/1/18 Q1 Grading Window Opens

10/2/18 PTO Meeting @6:30

10/3/18 Emergency Drills @10:00 AM

10/5/18 End of Quarter 1

10/5/18 Vision Screenings

10/8/18 PBIS Assembly @3:00

10/10/18 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-7:00

10/10/18 Chick Fil A Fundraiser Day

10/11/18 Parent Teacher Conferences 4:00-7:30

10/12/18 Q1 Grading Window Closes

10/15/18 Fall Break

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