Fair Labor Standards Act

By: Savannah Nichelson


The Fair Labor Standards Act was created in 1938 to establish a minimum wage a put a limit on the number of hours a person can work in a week. It also provides standards for child labor, equal pay, record keeping, and overtime pay.


President Roosevelt asked Frances Perkins to become Secretary of Labor. She helped him get it passed by Congress. She was the first woman to be appointed to the U.S. Cabinet and was the U.S. Secretary of Labor from 1933-1945, she has served the longest in this position. President Roosevelt had to sign the bill.
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The Fair Labor Standards Act is still around today. It is also referred to as the Wages and Hours Bill. The Fair Labor Standards Act ensures reasonable work hours for people and sets a limitation on how much a young person can work.
The New Deal was important back then because then men and women couldn't be overworked or underpaid. Without the New Deal American might never gotten out of the Depression.