This Week in 2nd Grade

November 18, 2018


Shalom! I was SO happy to be back in the classroom with your 2nd graders this morning! Oh, how I missed them! :) Thank you so much for all of the lovely cards and emails! They definitely fueled my recovery - and continue to do so! Hopefully I only have 3 more weeks in my "immobilizer", but in the meantime all of your children were extra helpful - and amused - as I navigated the morning with my left hand (of course I'm a righty trying my best to be ambidextrous).

We made the most of our time together this morning, starting with a quick review of what our class has done with Sylvia the past 3 weeks. Here are some highlights:

* We heard the story of "The Fish Who Looked for Water." In the story, a fish overhears some children on the beach talking about how beautiful the water is, and of course the fish wants to see this beautiful water. Along the fish's journey to "find" water, he learns that - just as we can not see the air that surrounds us - fish can't see the water that surrounds them. So, too, is it with God. God is everywhere even though we can't necessarily see or touch God. Ask your child about the special fish art project s/he did. What are some ways s/he and you know that God is everywhere?

* We started to learn the Hebrew alphabet! So far we have learned the letters shin, bet, and tav. Ask your child what sound each letter makes and if s/he remembers how to write the letter.

* We started to talk about prayer and how we pray, paying close to attention to the things Jews often wear to pray (i.e. kippot, yamulke) and use (siddur, Torah).

* We studied the Shema, the guiding prayer of the Jewish people. Ask your child what the Shema reminds us as we recite it. We also learned that Jews traditionally recite the Shema twice a day, once upon awakening and again right before bed. Ask your child why Jews do this. The kids started decorating their own Shema pillowcases to bring home next month to help remind them to recenter their minds by reciting the Shema in the morning and at bedtime.

After reviewing the fun they had had while I was gone, our class moved the holiday wheel ahead to Chanukah and reviewed the story and traditions associated with the holiday. We acted out the story of Chanukah and especially enjoyed "destroying the temple" - our classroom. :) We did a very special Chanukah art project which you should plan to pick up during Chanukah University on Sunday, December 2nd. (See below for more information regarding that morning.)

December promises to be another busy month for us and will include a very special visitor on the 16th.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am beyond thankful for my Sunday mornings with your children!




Sunday, December 2nd, will be a special morning for parents and children to attend together! Chanukah University - in lieu of our regular class - will be a school-wide celebration of the Festival of Lights, chock full of activites and stations to enjoy together. PLEASE NOTE: 2nd graders must be ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT! Also, please be sure to stop by our classroom to pick up your child's special art project from this morning. The kids and you will definitely want it for the first night of Chanukah! :)


A special shout out to our amazing madricha, Sylvia, who seamlessly took over the class with the help of a substitute teacher and covered so much material! I left her with a lot of ground to cover, and she did it flawlessly, even while dealing with an injury of her own! Thank you, Sylvia!!! You truly are my right hand woman, both figuratively and literally! :)


This month's tzedakah is being donated to The Ark to help provide food to families as we approach Thanksgiving and Chanukah. The kids were so excited to add another "bar" to our tzedakah chart as we surpassed $130 this morning! Please remember to have your student do some extra chores around the house during the week to earn their own money to donate. I promise you it takes the concept of tzedakah and mitzvot to a new level when the kids are able to truly own their generosity.