STEM Newsletter

March 2021

Edinburgh Middle/High School

Mr. Cox

Our "ABSTRACT " world! Students trading and "manufacturing" goods

Mr. Cox's Economics classes took part in a STEM Project on Friday, February 19th in which they utilized cartography, mathematics, engineering skills, and technology to trade goods with other 'nations' and produce 'goods'. Students were given 4 class periods to strategize their 'country's' trade deals to acquire the necessary resources, budget their country's funds, and plan how to produce their goods.

The students really got into the project and had to think critically and collaborate with their groups to really thrive in this. They exceeded expectations of what our first STEM Project would produce and there will be many more opportunities to build on this success.

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Mrs. Carie

In this activity, they were practicing graphing on the coordinate plane. They used this to sew a string art picture.
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East Side


Mrs. Engelbert

This hands-on activity brought some learning to our water table. Using pool noodles cut into one inch strips, craft foam and wooden sticks, each child fashioned a boat. Triangle shapes were used for the sails and a little adult help was needed to poke a hole in the foam. Inexpensive and easy to make, pool boats nurtured every child's sense of curiosity. Slicing a pool noodle into 1.5 inch pieces, triangular shaped sails from craft foam and using a wooden stick for the mast. Each child cut their own triangle for the sial. When the boats were actively put in the water, the class figured out that size mattered on construction. Too big a sail would topple the boat so reconfigurations were needed. Using their own wind, each child blew their boat from one end to the other. This activity also reinforced our "B" letters for the week and led to discussion about different kinds of boats, sinking and floating.

Essential Skills

Mrs. Boyer

In this photo students are using water droppers and paint brushes to explore color mixing and how snow changes when adding water to it.

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Mrs. H. Garrett

February was Dental Health Month. Kindergarten spent the week talking about how we can take care of our teeth to keep them healthy and strong! We learned that foods and drinks with lots of sugar can cause cavities if we don’t brush our teeth twice a day. We conducted a fun dental health teeth experiment with eggs where we watched what the effects of our different drink choices could have on our teeth. As a class we came up with a list of 8 drinks to test: water, milk, Gatorade, coffee, Pepsi, Monster Energy Drink, Mountain Dew, and Vinegar (to show what happens if we never brush our teeth). We loved watching the eggs change and we were surprised with some of the results. This experiment really showed the class how important dental health is!
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Mrs. Wahlstrom

In honor of valentines we made light up valentines circuits. We took copper tape, a coin cell battery and a LED light and made a circuit so our valentines would light up!

First Grade

Mrs. Hubbard

First grade asked the question, “Why is the Statue of Liberty green if it’s made of copper?”. We compared pictures of the Statue when it was made versus how it appears now in New York Harbor. We decided to try and experiment using pennies made with copper. We evaluated the pennies, then we exposed them to vinegar and salt solution, and let them sit for two days. This solution would mimic weather and pollution in the air. We evaluated the pennies again after two days and noticed that two of the pennies started turning blue/green. We concluded that two of the pennies we’re made of copper and were affected by the solution, while the third Penny was not made of copper and therefore it was not affected.--

Second Grade

Mrs. Pence

Ozobots in Action!

Third Grade

Ms. Cutter-small group

The study of the history of Milton and Kitty Hershey led to interesting facts that are relevant even today. The Hershey's, manufacturers of the world renowned candies, were also philanthropists using their wealth to help others. They built an entire town for the worker’s families of their plant and opened a school for orphans. The town and school are still in existence today and are highly regarded. Our students built the small town of Hershey, practiced giving to others (custodians and cafeteria workers), retold facts about the Hershey Story and diagrammed sentences using a variety of Hershey candies. Lastly, they built the simple machine of a catapult and launched a Hershey Kiss into the future.

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Mr. Todor

Students researched germs and the history of Petri dishes. Students swabbed different locations in the building to grow their germs in their Petri dishes.
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Students researched planets and created Aliens that could survive on the planets. Students created a passport for their aliens to visit Earth. They will complete extension activities with their aliens over spring break.

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Burton

The kids learned all about heat energy and how heat transfer works. Hot always goes towards cold. This was our experience to see if it really works.

Mr. Streeval

Students in fourth grade created a miniature catapult after learning about simple machines and potential and kinetic energy. We tested accuracy and distance by launching marshmallows.

Fifth Grade

Mr. Long

Students use paper clips to investigate and design their own clip, observe surface tension, and build a skyscraper.

STEM Newsletter

Compiled by Susan Pence

STEM coach

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