Superintendent Bahr Newsletter

Friday, March 20, 2020

March 20th Update

Dear Eatonville Community, March 20, 2020

To think that in February, all we were worried about was whether or not we would get a big snow event. Then we experienced a major rainstorm and mudslides with significant damage outside of Ashford.

Just 4 days ago, all schools in Washington State were closed including Eatonville School District. We are now providing meals to our students and their families. On Thursday over 220 students received meals. Our neighbors in Bethel and Sumner have agreed to service the needs for our First Responder parents as they are closer to their work. The plans for these actions are the result of many people over countless hours.

Our state has enacted even stricter social distancing measures, such as temporarily shutting down bars and restaurants other than take out food and further limiting the size of gatherings to no more than 10. Daily we are in contact with our health and educational professionals as decisions can change daily.

This is truly an unprecedented situation, certainly one that we have not seen in our lifetimes. Our deepest condolences go out to our school staff, students and their families that have lost a loved one or have someone currently battling this virus.

While every teacher is responding to this emergency in their own unique way through their communication with students or the work that was provided, there is also a great deal of cohesiveness. Our staff are being very inventive and solution oriented. They care deeply about their students and each other. We are a close community and our hearts go out to all those impacted.

I am so humbled to be a part of this community. You are working tirelessly during this difficult time to ensure that all children are safe, healthy and supported., I wish you all the very best in health and safety. You are all heroes!

We care about you all,

Be Safe and Healthy!


Superintendent Krestin Bahr

Be sure to stop in and get a breakfast or lunch

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Lunch is served with a smile!

(We were new to social distancing - we are getting it down now.)
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Staff waving off our students on Monday, March 16 - We miss you!

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Meal preparations

One a Week Series

This week's story - "What do you do with an IDEA?"

What Do You Do with an Idea? Read by Supt. Bahr (Book by Kobi Yamada)

Students on Monday

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Regretfully, Community Day (May Day) has been cancelled for 2020.

The Eatonville School District and the May Day community planners, are unable to plan for this event amidst the global health crisis. We care about the health and wellness of our great and supportive Eatonville community. Be safe, be well.

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The Pool will be closed beginning on TUESDAY, and remain closed until further notice.
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