BUC UP-date

Week 15

A different perspective this week......Sunday Night Edition


I had finished this weeks Buc Up date late Friday night after our football victory but did not send it out because i wanted to take one more look at it for errors before sending it out.......little did i know the events that would take place over the next 12 hours.

I thought about not sending this out tonight, but then thought better that it needs to go out for some semblance of normal....so I sit here and type this additional section. I also changed the background picture from one of our football team, to the one you see now.......The background was taken saturday night at the candle light vigil that some of our awesome students put together....and it lit up the bleachers.

The next few days and weeks will be tough for our staff, students, and community.....i know that for certain.

I also know for certain that our staff will rise to the occasion, lift each other up, love on our students who need it, continue the healing process, and be the "light" to those that need it just like the "light" that you see in our stadium from Saturday night.

One week till Thanksgiving.....We can make it!

Real Simple this week…………………

Thank you for what you do!

I know that those words can become cliché and we sometimes over use that phrase, but I truly am thankful and appreciative to be a part of a great team and staff that works hard and very much cares about the kids and community where we work…….

Please be reminded we will not have a faculty meeting this week, but all teachers should attend PD Session during their planning periods on Tuesday.

"GET TO" or "HAVE TO" ?

A friend recently shared a Blog post from Jon Gordon with me that reminded me that I needed to “GET TO” the right frame of mind………it is easy in this profession to get into the “HAVE TO” mentality, so take a few minutes this week, and especially next week during the break, to remind yourself how fortunate and thankful we should be.

Take a moment to read the blog and remind yourself that we really are blessed to “GET TO” do what we do rather than “HAVE TO”……….

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Don't Forget..........Faculty Thanksgiving Lunch on Friday

Annual Thanksgiving Lunch on Friday, November 20th.

Signup sheet is in the office with Mrs. Spurlock.

See Email from Coach Hansen for additional details.

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Click for reminder of all we have to be grateful for!

Clip that was shared by Dr. Gordon Pritz at a PTA event I attended. Dr. Pritz is the superintendent of Douglas County Schools, the former Principal at Marietta, and a former teacher/coach at McEachern for many years. Worth a watch!