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Joseph Ferderbar ES

Fire Prevention Week

Thank you to our local fire company, Feasterville Fire Department for visiting the school on Monday. The firemen and women reviewed fire safety with our students and observed our monthly evacuation drill.

School Safety

A Lower Southampton Police Officer visits the school daily.

Arrival-Safety is first and foremost

Procedures are in place for the safety of our students. Please respect the traffic patterns and safety warnings that we have created. These procedures help keep your children safe. Our traffic /safety procedures are monitored by the Lower Southampton Police Department routinely.

Power Up

A daily period called Power Up will begin in each grade level during the next month. This Power Up period allows us to provide intervention, benchmark and acceleration activities to our students in addition to their core instruction.

Fall Book Fair

Beginning next week, Ferderbar will be hosting our Fall Book Fair. Students will be attending during their regular library times. This week your child will be bringing home the Scholastic flyer with highlighted books. In addition to these, we will feature hundreds more high quality titles for purchase.

We are still in need of parent volunteers to make this event a success. Check on the link below to sign up. Your time and efforts will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Ms. Casterline and Mrs. K Cauvin

Summer Reading Party

The Emmy awards arrived at Ferderbar.

Thank you to the parents who assisted during Picture Day.

We are still in need of volunteers for our recess and lunch programs.

IXL MAth-New for Students

IXL is a Web-based math practice

program that we will use to reinforce the curriculum this

school year. The program will allow us to individualize

the learning experience for students so that they can

work at their own pace to master the material we will

cover. Your child can sign in to any computer or laptop

with the username and password provided by his or her

teacher or school administration. There are even iPad

and Android apps to allow your child to practice

on-the-go! Follow the link below to learn more.

To reinforce what your child has learned at school, have

him or her practice on IXL at home! Your child has

unlimited access to all IXL grade levels, so he or she can

practice anywhere with Internet access. IXL breaks down

topics into progressive skills for every grade level and

content area, and provides immediate feedback with

question-specific explanations for every incorrect answer.

This makes it easy for your child to practice the material

he or she needs to fill gaps in learning, keep up with the

class, and even advance in topic areas of interest.

Log on for more info...