Would Eliminating Bullying Reduce Suicides?

Who Am I?

My name is Sarah Bressler, I'm currently a sophomore at F.L Schlagle Highschool. My favorite class is art and I love photography, in the future I hope to be a professional photojournalist. I like to draw and listen to music, I dislike when people are judgmental also when people talk bad about themselves.

Would Eliminating Bullying Reduce Suicides?

This is my essential question, I chose this question because the topic I could think most about is bullying because I dislike it so much. So when we broke our topics down I noticed that mostly when thinking about bullying it usually leads to suicide or depression, so it got me wondering about if someone were to go back in time and make it to where bullying didn't exist would there be less suicides? So I plan to do as much research as I can to find out if it would or not.

Explanation Of Topic

What I already know is how much suicides there have been due to things like cyber-bullying, getting abused, rumors, etc. What I hope to find out is if suicides would be reduced if more people were friends than enemies. Also if bullies were punished to like a different school for just them would there be less bullying going on or would people just start picking up on it sense the other bullies left? I hope others will gain knowledge that bullying is definitely not an okay thing and that society will be a lot better without bullying existing.
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Have you ever been bullied/Have you ever bullied someone?

These two questions are both the same percentage, this tells me that even if your being bullied you've also bullied someone else at the same time. So maybe this means when your bullied it increases depression or anger so much you feel the need to make someone else feel the same way. Maybe it makes you feel better? Or maybe your just trying to make them bully someone else instead of you?