Anti-Racism Program

A program built to help stop racism and encourage love

What problems do americans face today?

America faces many issues such as economic,enviormental,political,terrorism,heathcare and much more.Today we have decided to focus on one that is present all over the world,and especially the U.S,racism.Racism occurs everyday here and everywhere.

How will our program solve this racism issue?

Our program is going to help prevent and offer advice to those who are bullied or picked on because of their race.We will also organize/give you different special multicultural events and carnivals around the U.S to help encourage multiculture and let people learn about what every race and ethnicity have to offer.We believe that by advertising fairs and helpful meetings to advise those with issues ,we will definitely get one step closer to stopping racism and encourage love for all.

What actions need to take place to launch our program?

We will need to make flyers to advertise our program and a find helpful websites to offer advice and encouragement to those in need of it.We will also write a letter someone in the government asking for help to advertise our program and take it to a more national level.

How will our program affect the lives of americans?

Our program will help american minorities get better jobs and get better pay for those jobs by us encouraging equality. It will also help people that are facing racism get help.We believe this program will help bring an end to racism and spread love for all ethnicity's.
The Science Of Racism

What role should the federal government have in the lives of U.S citizens?

We believe the federal government should have a role in the lives of the of U.S. citizens. The role they should have is to support all people and not judge because of their race.

contact information

here you will our contact information in order to reach us.You can do that by calling,texting,emailing or going to any of our social media accounts.


This project is estimated to take roughly about 3 years to fully develop .


This program is built to support and give advise to those who are being bullied because of their race and learn more about what all the cultures have to offer.


We want to have a kind and respectful community that will prosper into a great future for america and eventually all over the world.We also want to help prevent racism as much as possible and help people learn more about different ethnicity's


This program will take place in the U.S and will maybe even reach places such as Canada and Mexico in the later future.


We will create several flyers advertising our program and what it has to offer for example ,the fairs and carnivals are one thing we support ,and websites created to help prevent bullying because of race.