Residential and Commercial Locksmith Tips

Having an efficient and greater security system at home and even in the most huge business building out there are truly essential. This will give you an utmost convenience and confidence that your possessions and premises are free from robbers attacks.

So, if you want to possess an improved and effective security ground, just simply follow the tips below in order for you to get what is necessary.


1. Preferably, employ a deadbolt locks - a lock bolt that is being moved into position by the turning of a knob or by using a key rather than by spring action.

2. Make sure that all your entrance door should have a strong and potent core.

3. The locks inside the door should be approximately 40 inches away from any glass. This is to deter the robbers to break the glass to come in.

4. It is very much important to re-keyed your lock in order to restrict the data to be encrypted once you move to your new residence.

5. It is better for your premises to attain with solid door, hollow and steel wood. With this, the robbers can no longer open the door no matter how strong the robbers are.


1. Make it a habit to modify the combination password but never forget the new one. It is very important change it every now and then so that the thieves will no longer have the access anymore.

2. Regularly deposit the money you have on hand.

3. For better security, just install features such as constant exterior lights and motion sensitive.

4. Secure your fire exits from the thieves. There are some cases that thieves used fire exits just to have an easy access to steal inside your premises.

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