Help us keep the Bee at Randolph!!

While honoring Dr. Bonaiuto...

Can you pass this quiz?

Who knows the names of all 475 Randolph students?

Who attends high school graduations of all former Roadrunners?

Who has dressed up in every costume imaginable?

Who holds high expectations for academic and behavioral achievement of her students?

Dr. B!!

"As a Randolph staff member, are you considering a way to honor Dr. Bonaiuto's 20 years of dedication to Randolph?"

As you can imagine, Dr. Bonaiuto is quite fond of the bee sculpture designed and created by Randolph parent David Alles. This bee-utiful piece of artwork is being displayed at Randolph until the fall. In October, all of the "light bulb" city art works will go to auction to determine their permanent display home.

We would like to honor Dr. Bonaiuto by trying to keep the bee permanently at Randolph! If you are looking for a way to honor our leader in her retirement...please consider donating to the "Dr. B Honey Pot".

All donations, no matter how large or how small are considered a testament to her great career......from checks with many zeros!

How and where can we donate?

  • Beginning Monday, May 4th, there will be a collection jar in the Randolph Main Office.
  • Staff members are asked to donate if they wish before Wednesday, May 4th. There will be a card near the donation jar that you can sign after you donate.
  • Checks can be made payable to "Randolph Courtesy Committee".

The Fine Print

This collection will continue through September of this year. Because the Bee will go up for auction, we can't determine a certain goal for our collection purposes. Our goal is simply to collect as many dollars as we can to enable us to bid successfully on this art work.

Won't you help the "Dr. B Honey Pot" overflow??