• June 23rd ~ Rehearsal for Graduation - Arrive at HS 7:30am
  • June 25th ~ Graduation!!! RIT @ 2:30pm - no guest limit
  • Laptop Equipment Return- ~ Today - June 22nd


7:30 am Arrive at the High School Main Entrance

7:45 am Line Up as You Will for Graduation Ceremony

8:30 am Bus Departs for RIT

9:00 am Arrive at RIT, Start Rehearsal

10:30am Bus Departs for HF-L High School

11:00am Arrive at HF-L High School

11:15am Pick Up Cap & Gown and Packets


Graduation is June 25th at 2:30pm at RIT

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12:30pm Arrive at HF-L High School Main Entrance~ Line Up for Bus

1:00 pm Bus Departs for RIT

1:30 pm Arrive at RIT, Gordon Field House

2:30 pm Commencement Ceremony Begins

4:30 pm You Are Now HF-L Alumni

Laptop Equipment Return Information

Students must return their assigned laptop, with stylus and power adapter by June 22, 2023. High School students may return their devices to the HF-L Technology Office in the High School (Room 125) anytime between now and June 22, 2023. The office is open 7:30am - 4:00pm.

  • All devices should be handed in with a stylus, a charger and all decorative stickers removed.

  • All files should be backed up in OneDrive.

  • Students can access Office 365 (Outlook email and OneDrive) from another device. There is a Quick Link on the HF-L website for ClassLink that will easily connect students to Office 365.

  • Unreturned and damaged equipment will be invoiced for the replacement cost after June 22nd.

An important message regarding your account and files:

Your HF-L Office 365 account, including email and your OneDrive file storage will be available until August 30, 2023. After that date, your account will be disabled.

* Before you hand in your laptop, check your files to see if there are any that you will want to keep after your account is disabled. Be sure to also check your desktop, the Documents folder, and the Pictures folder. All files that you want to keep should be saved in OneDrive.

* If you have a personal account with cloud storage (personal Microsoft account, dropbox, Google Drive), you can upload any files to your personal account from your OneDrive folder on your laptop.

* Once you hand in your laptop, you will only have access to files that are in OneDrive online. You can still access and save files from OneDrive online up until August 30, 2023. You can download OneDrive files to a home computer, external hard drive or jump drive for backup.

* You can access your email and OneDrive by going through ClassLink from the HF-L Website.

* If you have leveraged an Office license for a personal device (downloaded Office to a home computer), then access to Office applications will cease when your account is disabled.

* If you have a personal Microsoft account and would like to save a copy of your Class Notebook, then follow the steps in this Microsoft article (copy and paste the URL):,Save%20to%20a%20Microsoft%20Account%E2%80%9D

This should be done before you hand in your laptop - before Class Notebooks are deleted or disabled.

* You can create a free, personal Microsoft account, with cloud storage, at