Weekly Peek

Mrs. Williams First Grade Class

September 16, 2016

Happy Friday!

Parent Teacher conferences are coming up soon. I am looking forward to meeting with you and discussing your child's successes in our classroom. You can sign up by visiting www.ptcfast.com/reg1. At that link, you will be asked for your Entry Code, where you should enter EXN1145135. Conferences are 20 minutes long and they are back to back so please arrive on time so that I can stay on schedule and honor the time everyone signs up for. I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me

Daily folder: The red folder is very important and needs to come to school with your child each day and be signed.

Reading bags: Students have been bringing home their reading bag. Please make sure they are reading each night and returning the bag the next day. We use these bags during the day so it makes it difficult when they are left at home.

Ice Cream: Students are able to purchase ice cream on Fridays for $1.00. They are responsible for their money. I advise putting their money in a ziploc bag with their name on it. Place it in their lunch box if they are bringing lunch or in their bookbag if they are buying lunch.

Media Center: Our library day is Thursday. Only students who return their books in our bucket by Thursday morning are able to check out new books.

School News

Promise of Gwinnett:

Our students have an amazing opportunity to participate in the Promise of Gwinnett Writing Contest!

The theme of this writing competition is The Promise of Gwinnett. While students are not responding to a specific prompt, they should write about “promise.”

For example:

· How do they show their potential?

· How do their families encourage their dreams?

· Why should people strive to fulfill their promise?

· What promises do public schools make to their students?

· What do they hope to do with their education?

Entries may include: Short Stories, Poetry, Essays, Expository Writing, or Personal Narratives

This must be an original work that students create without the help of others. Edits and revisions should be the work of the student.

All entries must be submitted by Sept. 30th at noon.


Homework comes home on Friday's and is due the following Thursday. Please do not take the packet apart and make sure they complete all items before turning in the homework. For word work, they can use an additional piece of paper or write on the back of one of the papers in the packet. Please make sure their names are on the packet.

Students should be reading 20 minutes per night. The reading log is to be filled out for 5 nights of reading between Friday night and the following Wednesday night. It is also due on Thursday.

Curriculum Corner

In reading, we have learned this week using the text and the pictures to learn about the characters, setting, and events of the story. We ended the week by learning about predictions, making guesses based on the clues, or evidence, in the text and pictures.

In writing, we have had a busy week! Students started a new story on Monday and we have worked all week on making this their best writing yet. We ended writing on Friday with a museum walk where we could read our classmates writing. It was such a fun activity. I can't wait to read their final pieces.

In math, we have worked hard this week on adding three addends. We have learned several strategies to help them. Practice with your student their friendly tens, they will be very helpful to them. Students should be able to add and subtract within 20. We have also practice reading word problems and deciding first if we are adding and subtracting. It is very important that students show their thinking, not just give the answer to the question.

In science, we have been learning about different types of weather and different weather tools that are used to measure weather. Next week we will continue our weather unit and complete some experiments.

Specials for the Upcoming Week

***Please note, we will be going to each special 3 days in a row.






Helpful Hints for a Happy Classroom

* Get good rest and come in each day with a smile and a positive attitude!


9-27: Book Fair (browsing only)

9-28: Early Release/Conferences

9-29: Early Release/Conferences

10-3: Book Fair (shopping)

10-10: No School

Technology Tidbits

I LOVE to use technology in the classroom! Throughout the year I will add links to reading and math sites or apps that you can use for your students. I will talk more about technology at Open House.

Reading Links

Math Links

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Contact Me

Phone: 770-972-3110

Email: kristen_williams@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

Class Dojo

Students are loving Class Dojo and I am too! Since this is the first time I have used it in my classroom there have had to be some changes made along the way to make it work best for all of us. I am hoping that what we have going right now is going to work. If you have further questions let me know.

Students earn 2 positive points when they are doing good. They should receive at least 12 a day to be an E student in conduct.

Students should all be earning the following each day:

* morning work - on task

* reading - on task

* writing- on task

* math - on task

Students should earn this at least twice a day:

* stand/walks in line correctly

These are all extras for those students I see going above and beyond

* listens and follows directions* controls talking

* works/plays well in a group

* shows good manners

* respects others

* exhibits a positive attitude

Students can loose point too and they loose 1 point for each action shown. At the end of the day your student's folder will show a number of points which is positive points - negative points.

At the end of the week students will receive a percentage that will equate to their conduct grade for the week.