Recombinant DNA

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What is rDNA?

Recombinant DNA is the combination of two DNA strands that are constructed artificially.

What is a plasmid and how does it relate to rDNA?

A plasmid is a small accessory of rings of DNA in the cytoplasm that bacteria have, often used as a vector.

Explain how rDNA is created? What is rDNA technology?

There are three different methods to how Recombinant DNA is made. Transformation, phage introduction, and non-bacterial transformation.

The first step in transformation is to select a piece of DNA to be inserted into a vector. The second step is to cut that piece of DNA with a restriction enzyme and then ligate the DNA insert into the vector with DNA ligase. The insert contains a selectable maker which allows for identification of recombinant molecules.

The phage introduction is the process of transfection, which is equivalent to transformation, except a phage s used instead of bacteria. In vitro packaging of a vector is used.
This uses lambda or MI3 phages to produce phage plaques which contain recombinants. The recombinants that are created can be identified by differences in the
recombinants and non-recombinants using various selection methods.

The non-bacterial process is very similar to Transformation. In microinjection, the DNA is injected directly into the nucleus of the cell being transformed. In biolistics, the host cells are bombarded with high velocity microprojectiles, such as particles of gold or tungsten that have been coated with DNA.

RDNA technology is a technique used in genetic engineering that involves the identification, isolation and insertion of gene of interest into a vector such as a plasmid or bacteriophage to form a recombinant DNA molecule and production of large quantities of that gene fragment or production encoded by that gene.

Application of rDNA technologies. Why is it important? How does it affect society?

§ Vaccines

§ Insulin

§ Growth hormones

§ Clotting factors

§ Gene therapy

RDNA technology is important because it enables the creation of multiple copies of genes.

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My opinion

Recombinant DNA technology has greatly improved our lives by making insulin and vaccines, that both save peoples lives on a daily basis.

What are transgenic animals? What were the first transgenic animals available to the America public? How does this relate to rDNA?

Transgenic animals are animals that have had a foreign gene deliberately inserted into their genome. Mice were the first transgenic animals open to the public. Recombinant DNA technology creates transgenic animals.

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Steps in Recombinant DNA technology or rDNA technology


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