Molly Hatch

Ceramic Artist

Early Life

Molly was born in 1978 to a painter & an organic dairy farmer. She was raised to be creatively industrious. She mixes the use of ceramics and drawing.

Her home studio based in Massachusetts is where she spends here time as a full time ceramic artist. Molly makes contemporary ceramics inspired by history.

Molly studied drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics at the Museum School in Boston recieving her BFA. she also received her MFA in ceramics at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

My Opinion

In my opinion Molly Hatch is a new pioneer in modern ceramics. I have never seen the style she has before and yet it is extremely beautiful and detailed. With the time that it takes to make just one of her pieces she has to throw 20-150 plates or bowls all identical to shape and mostly in size. That alone is an incredible skill to possess. But on top of all of that she has to paint intrinsic murals with details so small, and the actual finished piece so big. This is incredible and I wish to some day see her gallery in person.
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