Victorian Era

By: Paige Baldridge, Trinity McAnalley, Kyra Newell


Music is another favorite form of recreation , giving great pleasure regardless of whether you're the one playing the instrument or the one singing . Most towns and villages can be found to have a glee club, bank, music, society or choir .


Dancing is closely connected to music, dancing became a tradition . Queen Victoria helped influence its popularity by giving evening concerts.

The waltz and polka are quite popular, as jigs, hornpipes and country dances.


Theatre is the two oldest theatre's covent garden, present various shows including forces, melodramas, operettas and trained animal acts in addition to drama performances, harlequinades, rope dancers and shakespeare to round out the offering.

Other things done for fun!

They also played

• Victorian Board Games

• Victorian Scrapbooks

• VictorianThe Ashton Pursuits

• Cricket

• Biking

• Growth of Leisure

• Croquet

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