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Notes from Mrs. Martin for the week of March 23 - 27, 2015

Martin's Musings

"We must be clear about where we are going if we want anyone to help us get there." - Simon Sinek

When I came across this quote, it made me think about the value of learning targets for our students. They need to know where they are headed to grow their understanding. It also brought me back to a reflection from this past week. I have spent some time reflecting over last Tuesday's faculty meeting and our work with learning targets. One of my first thoughts was that I did not do a good job of setting the "Why?" about the focus on the topic of learning targets. I shared a handout and spoke with you a bit about the "why" back on the 1st Tuesday in February when we started our learning target conversation but I did not bring it back into to our thoughts for this week. And, due to the crazy weather, it has been awhile. So...let me try this again.

Why are we growing with learning targets? Our conversations frequently come back to the mission of wanting our students to become self-engaged, self-monitoring learners. Learning targets are critical to this. Learning targets are a tool we can use to grow student learning, success, and their ability to become this assessment capable learner. They are the road map for our students. With well developed learning targets and success criteria, students can more accurately self-monitor. Students can identify where their learning may be breaking down, and you can then effectively provide feedback to help guide their learning. Our conversations around learning targets are being held to help us improve with our use of those. It is not that we were using them "wrong" as someone asked in a conversation. It is about growing our knowledge around learning targets and becoming more intentional with the use. For example, during the Tuesday meeting a teacher said something like this in our discussion: "So this is almost like a lesson plan." The answer is yes, intentionally developed learning targets with success criteria will help you plan through the workshop model. By deconstructing the standard and developing these, it will guide your mini-lesson, set up your composing work, and provide the perfect point for students to reflect over their learning.

So, I want you continue to grow with your use of learning targets with success criteria. I am learning more and more as I read and support teachers. It is about a growth mindset and having your thinking disturbed around the use of learning targets. To move beyond posting them to making them a part of student learning. Continue to ask questions of Mrs. Gift, Mrs. Wilt, Mr. Hale and myself. We are growing along side you and will be happy to support you.

To continue thinking about Learning Targets....

We are all at different places with learning targets, success critieria and use with students. So, to continue your thinking here are few links. Please take a minute to watch and/or read. This is learning we will continue to grow with.

3rd Grading Period Ends MONDAY, March 23.

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