Dummy Hoy

by Hannah Weddle

where was/did he born, grew up, and schooled, died,

  • where was he born? he was born may 23, 1862
  • where did he grow up? he grew up in Houcktown, OH
  • where was he schooled? he was school at Ohio school for the deaf
  • where did he die? December 15, 1961 in Cincinnati, OH

cause of hearing loss

due to a childhood illness he lost his hearing, however he wasn't gonna allow that to ruin achieving his dreams.

why famous?

Dummy Hoy made history as the first major league baseball play.

He was not only famous cause he was deaf, he was also a remarkably talented and skilled baseball player.


"he made thousands of fans cheer... but never heard one..."
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Interesting facts

  1. he had 2,000 hits, 1,400 runs, 549 stolen bases
  2. Hoy hit a grand-slam home run in 1901. This was the first ever grand-slam in the American League.
  3. In 1951, Dummy Hoy was the first player to be entered in the American Athletic Association for the Deaf's Hall of Fame.
  4. widely credited with creating the hand signals that are still used in baseball today.
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