Survival Guide

for The Cold Pole -Verkhoyansk, Russia

Location,Geography,and Climate

The continent I have to survive in is Eurasian the climate is polar and Average high and low temps are highest:22 C and the lowest:9 C
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Six steps needed to survive

Step 1-Search for other survivors besides yourself.

Step 2-Gather supplies needed for survival from the crashed plane.

Step 3-Use the supplies and your surroundings to build a shelter out of ice and metal.

Step 4-Make a weapon to out of metal to from the plane to protect yourself with.

Step 5-Find sources for food and water.

Step 6-Build a fire from supplies around you.

Animal life

Three of the animals that will inhabit my location will be the arctic fox,polar bears,and bunnies.The bunnies could be a food source for me and both the arctic fox and polar bear could be very dangerous to me because they could try to kill me for food.
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Plant life

Three plants that inhabit my location are grass,different types of mosses,and lichens.1.Grass can be a food source and I can use it to start fires.2.Grass is not harmful to human beings.
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