Twitter for Professional Use

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“If Paul Revere had been a modern day citizen, he wouldn't have ridden down Main Street. He would have tweeted." - @AlecJRoss

What is Twitter?

Q: What is Twitter?

A: a social media site and app that allows people to share out short messages (tweets) with people who “follow”

Q: Why tweet?

A: BISD encourages teachers to share the successes in their classrooms with the greater community and Twitter is a quick way to do this

Q: How can Twitter help me as a teacher?

A: by following other educators in the district, in the state, and across the nation, you can connect and learn from others through 140 character messages

Twitter Vocabulary

tweet: (verb) to send a message on Twitter, (noun) the message you send on Twitter

re-tweet: (verb) to re-send a message you find on Twitter so that your followers can see it as well

direct message: (verb) to send a direct message to a specific person through Twitter

handle: (noun) the name you use on Twitter, after the @

hashtag: (noun) a # followed by words with no spaces, this grouping then becomes searchable on Twitter and other social media sites

favorite: (verb) to like a tweet

A Few Articles About Using Twitter as an Educator

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