Social Security Act

Katie Parry

Why Was Social Security Act Made?

social security was designed to provide old age insurance that would be paid by the tax employer. Unemployment insurance for workers, that were also paid by employers. assistance to dependent children, the sick and also to the handicapped.

When Did Social Security Start?

the new social security act started August 19th 1935 for people in need that had money troubles, that had kids and families.

The Three R's

Relief- social security gave people a sign of relief because they didn't have to worry about getting money, feeding their children or not having money for a while.

Recovery- the plan of social security was to help people in need of money that cant get jobs. in 1992 the program TOP (Treasury Offset Program) came to the u.s which made it easier to balance out money that people were being given.

Reform- social security was reformed by switching the cost of living, raising the retirement age, and raising the payroll tax cap.