The University of Georgia

Flyer by Reggie Hunter


Georgia University is located in Athens,Georgia

Where is The University Located?

Uga can be located at this address Athens, GA 30602

Our campus has 389 buildings that comfortably sits on 759 acres!!

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School Environment

  • Type of school-Uga is a 4 year uninversity.
  • That is located 60 miles outside of Atlanta,Georgia.
  • Also it is a coed school,which means male and female students are accepted.

Want to become a bull-Dawg?

To get into uga there is no minimum GPA to get into the school.

On your SAT you should score a 1000-14000

What majors do they offer&Student facualty ratio

  • Accounting
  • computer science
  • Music performance
  • Pre-Veterinarian
  • Student to facualty ratio is 17:1

College expenses

Georgia resident Out of state

10,836 26,046

This does not include room and board see the link below for more information

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