Hurley News

Going From Good to Great - December 2015

Kindergarten News

Kindergarten will be having lots of fun this month. We will be working on connecting events and ideas in stories. We will be reading The Gingerbread Man and different versions of that story. We will be working on blending sounds to make words. We will be enjoying lots of stories of the season. In math we will continue to count and work on the numbers 11-20. We will begin addition. We will review 2d shapes and begin to learn 3d shapes. We will explore how things move and describe things using our five senses. Be sure to look for more information from your child's teacher.

1st Grade News

December is always exciting with so many holidays and fun activities. First graders will complete a unit this month entitled “Our Community Celebrates”. This will help us understand the diversity of people in our local community. It will also bring an understanding that history tells of how people and events changed society over time.
We will read fiction and informational texts and compare the two. Students will write informative papers this month as well. In math we will continue working with place value.

We will have a lot of fun while we are learning but students need to remain on task and focused. Please encourage your child to always do their best and pay attention in class.

2nd Grade News

Second Graders are busy learning about Customs and traditions around the world in Social Studies.We are also learning about artistic expression within different cultures. During the unit in Social Studies we are continuing Map and Globe skills. In reading we are focusing on using information gained from illustrations and words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting and plot. Please continue reading daily with your child and allow your child to retell the story in his or her own words. It is also helpful to occasionally retell the story in writing. In math we are beginning our Geometry Unit. Discussing attributes of shapes in the home environment or daily routine will reinforce what we are teaching as well as help your child understand the importance of being able to recognize shapes in our world. We are all looking forward to the upcoming break for some much needed rest and relaxation. Please remind your children of the importance of following rules and procedures and doing their very best work at all times. Your child's teacher will be sending information soon regarding the class Christmas Party. Our last day will be December 18th and we hope you enjoy the holidays with your families!

3rd Grade News

Happy December! Third graders continue to work so hard and with the halfway mark of the year quickly approaching, we will continue to dive deep into our learning!

In math, we will be focusing on multiplication and division. We will focus on various strategies that students can unitize in helping them multiply and divide. It is not only important for your child to become fluent in knowing their facts, but also understand various strategies to be able to multiply and divide.

Our reading unit will focus on key ideas and details in informational texts. Students will learn to ask and answer questions about key ideas and and finding the main idea in the text.

Please continue to have your child study their spelling, vocabulary and read nightly. Have a wonderful December, our third graders definitely will!

Thank you for your continued support,
3rd grade team

4th Grade News

4th grade was chosen to tour the Catawba College Campus in December. We will eat our lunch that day during a basketball game. We will also be reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever before we visit Norvell Theater to watch the play.

5th Grade News

Have you ever heard of R.A.C.K.? Our hope is to spread Random Acts Of Christmas

Kindness throughout our community. Students are asked to do random acts of kindness at school, home, and the community to earn “hearts”. We will then use the hearts to fill up the Grinch with love. Our goal is for each student to participate and experience the feeling of giving rather than receiving.

We will be moving into fractions soon. Helping out in the kitchen would be a great way to reinforce this skill. Fractions is a big topic for our fifth graders and reinforcement at home would be extremely helpful. Reading strategies are being taught to become better readers and reading at home at least twenty minutes per day would be beneficial to all students. We will continue to use various programs on the i-Pads, as well as passages on their level to achieve maximum success. The human body systems is on going and the students will be using keynote to make presentation on what they are learning. The development of our country will continue to be the focus in social studies. Various wars will be taught and discussed along the way.

Fifth grade is going from GOOD TO GREAT!