More wanted Cyberbullies

The band of cyberbullies

''The Vengeful Angel”

  • This is when the person doesn’t think they are cyberbullies. They think they are protecting themselves from guys that are making him or her feel bad so they need to find a way to take revenge of them.

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''The Power-Hungry'' and “Revenge of the Nerds”

  • The revenge of the nerds are the ones that are shy in school and they usually doesn’t talk a lot. They are called the revenge of the nerds because when when they are home they cyberbully other people, since they feel bad of how they are treated at school, they want to take revenge.The Power-Hungry are like the cool kids who need an audience in order to look more intimidating.

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“Mean Girls”

  • Mean girls are typically a group of girls that cyberbully and make fun of other people, and they take it as entertainment and a way to have fun. It’s common the mean girls cyberbully mostly frequently girls than boys, and this can occurs anywhere, like in school library, from home, etc…

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The Inadvertent Cyberbully

  • The inadvertent cyberbully usually don’t see themselves as cyberbullies. They act very violent and in an impulsive way. They don’t think before sending a message and they don’t think that it might hurt someone.

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