Jimmy Butler Tragic Hero

Orphan to NBA Star

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Why should Jimmy Butler be considered a tragic hero?

A tragic hero has many traits, which Jimmy also possesses. One trait are mistakes he has made that caused tragedy. As a young boy he made some bad choices but none too severe, but once his dad died at the age of 12, his mom told him that he was not her child anymore and that he did not look like her. He also has been in bad situations like many tragic heroes such as living on the streets from the age of 12 to 15 by himself and then was brought into foster care moving from house to house. Another trait that makes him a tragic hero is that he took what he could from his situation, learned from it, and used it for motivation later on in his life. Another trait is the rise of the character, Jimmy butler would go on to college at Marquette university where he would get a bachelors degree, and be drafted in the nba. Today he has lingering injury issues but is still having his career best season in almost all stats. Jimmy lived on the streets as a teenager, but now lives on as a professional basketball player.