Will you become an Athen after all?

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  • Boys are sent to school at the age of 6.

  • They learn to play a musical instrument and poetry of Homer. Also they learn how to debate and how to give a persuasive speech. The boys study science and math.

  • After high school is complete, the boys go into military school.

  • Girls are taught at home with their mother or tutor. They want us to stay home to educate our kids.

  • I learn how to be a mother and Housekeeper. And some woman are able to be private tutors.


  • Sparta educates for the purpose of maintaining a powerful army.

  • Boys enter military school when they are about 6.

  • Spartans learn how to read and write.

  • The military school is tough.

  • They learn to to steal and lie without getting caught, as these skills can save their lives.

I think that the Athens way of education is a better fit for the children. Unlike Spartans, they start at the age of 6 and they don’t learn the importance of education. The only thing Spartans want is to win and have a strong military.


We have a Direct Democracy. We were the first to develop a democracy. This meant that the people vote. The only people who can vote are man land owners.

On the other hand, Sparta has 2 Kings. One controls the religion and the other controls the military.

Sparta's style of government is not a good idea because the people don't have any say in what the government does. What ever they said, the people have to go with.

Homes Athens and Sparta!

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  • Men and Woman live in separate parts of the house.

  • Houses are often 2 floors and mostly made out of stone or clay.

  • Roofs are covered in tile or reeds.

  • Floor is made out of tile to keep warm.

  • It has a kitchen, bathroom, men's dining room and sometimes a woman's sitting room.

  • House are built around a courtyard and family life centered around it.

The only difference between Athens and Sparta homes is that Athens had it more homey with artwork and statues. In Sparta, the homes are like military homes, plain, white, blah.


We love sports. We all believed that healthy bodies are very important. Men and boys practice each day because it is fun and they wanted to stay fit for what ever comes their way. We, the Greeks, have 4 different festivals, where people compete against each other. This can help you keep fit for activities and wars. Also, the famous and most important one is the Olympia Games.

Olympia Games:

The first Olympic Game was 776 BC. This happens every 4 years. This was very important because this was in honor of Zeus (father of the gods). They would be played in Olympia. Also, they had this because it was part of their religion. Woman could not watch nor participate in this event. The winner of it would receive a crown of olive leaves and glory in their citystate.

Food, Transportation, Artwork In Sparta...

Art: They think artwork is a waist of time. Instead they focus on having a strong military. I think that creating artwork is a good idea and is not a waist of time because it adds to our community and allows individuals to express themselves in a unique way.

Food: Both enemies have the same type of diet and food resources.

Transportation: The transportation was the same. The main way to get around was to walk.

Life Style

  • Education is very important to us.
  • In Sparta their life style is all about a strong military. This is because they are scared of weakness and changes.

As an Athenian, I think this is bad because they treat the boys at a young age to harsh. We love and take care of our children. And we have an reasonable age that we put the boys into military school.

Athens History

Daily life in Athens edited.wmv


Did you See what Sparta does to their children? Us… We care about everyone and treat each other fairly and like a family!!