Hannah's Goals

Hannah's goals for term 3.

Reading Goal:

At the start of year I got a Staine 7 P.A.T score in reading. I was quite disappointed considering I had a Staine 9 last year and felt that I could have done more to maintain that score. I did get to redeem myself in term 2 with my PROBE, I passed on a 15 reading age which I was quite proud of. During term 2 I picked up my slack and read almost ever single night so that I could build up my understanding. My reading goal this term is to read different genres of books such as non-fiction. I find that I just stick to fiction books which isn't expanding my reading knowledge. I will achieve this by going to the library or even find some books at home that are non fiction also I will try to read a least 3 nights a week. Last term I had a similar goal and I did not achieve it.

Writing Goal:

This term my writing goal is to get rid of any unnecessary text that does not add anything to the story.This is especially important in free verse considering it's supposed to be a slice of life not one big chunk. I'm going to make sure when I'm editing to really look at the text that I don't and always ask for other people opinion.

Maths Goal

My goal was to bring my 73% on my basic facts test to 80%.I achieved this three times, at the middle of term I got 82 then a few weeks later I did it again I got 89!Then Monday of term 3 I got 92! So this means that I have achieved my goal! I feel this something that I no longer really need to work and I should focus on something else. .One of my goals Is to build an understanding and be able apply volume in geometry this term.

Fitness Reflection.

At the start of year I got 6.5 as a beep test score,I was quite disappointed with this score and felt I could of done much better.Are last beep test we did I got 8.1 which I was very happy with.I achieved this goal completely, with a lot determination,I worked on my stamina by going for 4k runs on the treadmill at the gym.This helped not only with the beep test but with cross country.For cross country my goal was to get in the top 50 which I was not confident with but I did achieve this by coming 45!

This photo is my PROBE and comments Ms Herbert gave me.

A2A Goal:

Last term my goal was to be more actively involved.Even though I wasn't too shy I wouldn't really but my hand up the often and take a risk.I feel I have achieved this goal in term two I was a lot more confident and I did put my hand up quite a lot also when we are having class discussions I would give my opinion about the subject and I grew in confidence each time.My goal this term is to be more independent when I'm doing homework I'll ask for help when most of the time I don't really need it,i just need the comfort of knowing I'm not getting it wrong.

My second attempt at trying achieve my maths goal.