Ted Williams



  • "Theodore Samuel Williams"
  • Born August 30th, 1918
  • Died July 5th, 2002
  • Born in San Diego, California
  • Played for the PCL in San Deigo
  • Played for the MLB in Boston
  • Had 3 wives: Doris Soule, Lee Howard, and Delores Wattach
  • Was the last player to have a BA over .400 in 1941 with a .406
  • Parents May and Sam Williams
  • Named after Theodore Roosevelt
  • Known as "The Kid" and "The Splendid Splinter"


Theodore "Ted" Williams was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. While this is true, he has not always been the great we see him as now. It all began on August 30th, 1918, when the Splendid Splinter was born to May and Sam Williams in San Deigo, California. During Ted's childhood, his parents were busy. Sam fought with the U.S Marines and May volunteered to help Mexicans just west of California on the Pacific. Due to there being no parents around, Ted was not usually the best child in the world. Also, there was no time for baseball. Ted found that his only time to practice was on the schoolyard. He would be alone, just swinging and swinging and swinging again. Ted said he "'Wants to be the best hitter in the world"'(Ted Williams). This practice paid off when he finally got a baseball job in San Deigo for the Pacific Coast League. He loved the fans but the fans did not nessicarily love him back.

The fans called him irrogant and self-centered. He ended up going up to Major League Baseball to play for Boston where the fans were even worse. Or at least, until he started hitting, and hitting and hitting! The fans loved him then. In 1941 he hit .406, making him the 12th and last person to hit over the .400 mark. Right around that

time, WWII started. He had to take time off to fight and came back a totally different man. He now cared about others and their feelings and was ready to include them in his life. He married Doris Soule Theyone daughter and got devorced after six years. He then married a model, Lee Howard, they only lasted 4 years. Finally he married another model, Delores Wattach. He lived with her until she died. WIlliams retired from baseball a happy and patient man. "He had 2,019 walks in his career"(Nightingale). He died on July 5th, 2002. As you can see, the road for Ted Williams was not easy, it never is.


You can see that Ted was a great player, but also a great person in general. He did not just give up on baseball because he had no time to play. He did not just refuse to go to war instead of playing ball. He did not give up on marriage because he was not a people person. He did not just stop at San Deigo.He did not give up on anything. He was not just a good person, he was the greatest hitter of all time.


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