By Luke and Lilly and Kate

Jungle book

I like the bear Balue.

Lilly likes the gorilla.

It is funny!

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Annie is a musical.

It is a good movie.

Annie is a orphan.

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Ghost Busters

There is 4 men who try to get ghost.

At the end there was a mashmellow ghost.

Luke likes the song.

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Harry Potter

There is three kids.

There is 8 movies.

It has nice movies

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The chronicles of narnia

Chronicles of narnia is about 4 kids.

They fight for narnia.

There's alway a problom and a soulthn.

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Lord of the rings

Lord of the rings is about the eight rings.

Sromon tries to get the most powerful ring.

It is a great movie.

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Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Alexander and the no good day is about a no good day.

He wishes to have a bad birthday.

His sister gets the wrong medcien.

His baby bother eats a maker.

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She is pretty.

She wears a blue dress.

She is nice.

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