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Who's afraid of a vigorous marine boot camp? Not Don Holmberg. Who's afraid of a burning house? Not Don. Nothing can scare Don Holmberg. He endured military boot camp with complete respect and without showing fear. He went into burning buildings without cracking under pressure to ensure the safety of others. Throughout his life he has taken fearless risks like transferring cities and going to college even when he had no parents to pay. He worked his but off to succeed, and it payed out in the end. Don Holmberg is my personal hero because he emanates a fearless attitude and shows bravery towards all.

Brave and Admirable (Hero Definition Essay)

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines a hero as a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. The typical hero is viewed as someone with extraordinary powers which he uses to save people from evil villains. Yet a "Hero" is much more than someone with extraordinary powers wearing spandex and underwear. A hero is a person who you can look up to and is brave.

A hero is a father going out of his way to spend extra time with his son. A father who just wants to spend time with his son, but is so caught up with work, it is hard for him to make time. Consider how the son would feel if the dad took a day off just to spend time with his son. The dad takes the day off of work, and spends the whole day with his son. He creates memories while with his son that he will remember forever. They may have gone to a favorite restaurant they loved, played ball in the field, or went to play laser tag but the son will remember it. He'll remember how his dad found a way to balance his work and family life to create the perfect combination. By the dad doing this, his son will remember how it made him feel and he will want to be like this when he's older.

A hero is a marine signing up to protect his country. He may be terrified of what lies forth him, hard conditioning, early mornings, late nights, and the possibility of going to war. But he pushes through all that. He endures through the vigorous training camp filled with cold water, fire, and seemingly impossible obstacles. But he beats it, and he officially become a marine. This man could quite possibly die in service, but he believes it is worth it to protect his country. The pain he endures and the obstacles he overcomes are seemingly impossible for anyone's body, but he powers through it and completes it. The marine puts his life at risk to help others, which is a very heroic move.

However, a hero doesn't do these acts to get attention. They do it as a good deed, out of the kindness of their hearts. They do it unexpectedly. What they don't do it for is attention. People who do good things just to get attention are not heroes, they are attention seekers. They are people who absolutely need attention. They don't want to benefit others, they only want to benefit themselves. To be a hero, a person must be brave and that you can look up to while also doing it to benefit others.
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