How To Choose Career

How To Choose Career

How to choose a career - a few incisive tips

Are you still struggling to figure out which career is the one you should be in? It's a rare person who knows right off the bat which direction their life should go in.

More likely, you will bounce around from idea to idea a few times in your life, especially in the developmental and early adult years, before you settle on a chosen path.

There are quite a few things you can do to start narrowing down your field of interests to properly identify where you should be concentrating yourself in study and or in choosing the right training. The best gift you can give yourself is choosing a career that you will find satisfaction in year-after-year.

Don't get stuck in a "tide over" job!

They say that you most regret the things you didn’t do with your life, rather than the things that you did.

One of the biggest reasons you may find yourself unhappy in a job is because you settle on something to tide you over until you can find the job you really want. What happens is that you end up becoming stuck in that job and suddenly its years later you've drifted and you're very unhappy.

If this is the current situation you are in, don't be afraid to make a change. Sure, some people might look at you sideways, surprised, especially if you are older, but you're the one who must decide if the change is worth the risk.

The best thing you can do for yourself when you are looking to start your career or change your career is to know what you want, what you're good at, and what drives your passions. And that latter point is one of the most important tips I can give you, in terms of how to choose a career - be passionate about what you do.

So please, please do not be afraid to do what you love. It is amazing the number of people who set aside their passions for a routine job that they believe is expected of them.

If you are an artist who loves to paint, you are never going to be happy crunching numbers in the middle of a colorless room full of other people balancing the figures. Or if you're a musician I doubt you'll be happy working in a factory.

If your passion is to care for those in need, you will never find fulfillment in a job that doesn't allow you to express that passion. You will spend your life wondering what differences you could have made in someone's life. Whatever it is that you love, follow that love into a career that will allow you to excel.

Know yourself through careers tests

If you have many passions or hobbies, consider taking a career assessment test online - this will really help you when thinking of how to choose a career. There are many free tests available to provide you with an in-depth character study.

Taking several of these tests and comparing the results may help you recognize a pattern. Allow those answers to combine and create a list of potential career choices that you can start from. You may be surprised at the number of jobs you had never considered before and it may allow you a broader range of options than what you think are available to you.

If you were considering a business in a sales market and your tests indicate you would do better avoiding work in a high stress atmosphere, a change might be in order. Try our free exercise to help you find out your true calling.

Don't be modest - market yourself with movers and shakers in potential career professions

When thinking about how to choose a career, don't be afraid to market yourself! You would be amazed at the number of jobs out there that are not being advertised. It is up to you to find them. This is where a lot of footwork, observation, and listening skills pay off.

Have a few business cards drawn up and be prepared to offer one in exchange for another. You would be surprised how many careers are made by bumping into the right person at a club, restaurant, library, or some other public venue and striking up a conversation.

Instead of waiting for a company to advertise, advertise yourself. Put yourself out there on notice, you might even try a website to market your skill set. Be prepared to retrain or to maybe even relocate.

So in summary, with regards to how to choose a career, review your interests, strengths and passions and GO FOR YOUR DREAMS.

Best Of Luck !!!